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Thursday, October 20th, 2016
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One Moment, Please... Dayton invades small businesses

Fri, May 24th, 2013
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By Jason Sethre


Fillmore County Journal &

Olmsted County Journal

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Fortunately, we are now out of the daycare stage with our children entering grade school, but I remember those recent days when our monthly daycare expense was greater than our monthly home mortgage. Actually, our daycare expense for two children was more than any other monthly expense, period.

And, depending on where we lived, we utilized both in-home daycares and corporate-run daycares. We had positive experiences with both, and it all related to our trust in the people we were leaving our children with each day. Talk about separation anxiety. I think it might be worse on the parents than the children.

Well, for those of you who have little ones or little ones on the way, you may want to pay attention to what’s happening at the State level with respect to in-home daycares.

Back in April 2012, Ramsey County District Court Judge Dale Lindman threw out Governor Dayton’s executive order that allowed in-home day care providers to vote on whether to unionize. Judge Lindman ruled that Governor Dayton exceeded his authority.

But, that didn’t stop Dayton from forcing the issue. So, Dayton has been working with state legislators and union representatives to formally take unionization to a vote for in-home daycare providers.

The Minnesota State Senate passed SF 778, the child care union bill, on a vote of 35-32 after a lengthy debate. It then passed in the House 68-66 with five DFL Representatives crossing party lines to vote against it. Hmmm, what does that tell you?

As of press time, Dayton had not signed off on the bill, but he had intentions of doing so.

Why is this wrong?

Well, plain and simple, in-home daycare providers are independently owned businesses. These are small business owners and operators.

If Dayton and his cronies were seeking to assist with the unionization of daycares like Kids Come First or Children’s Place, corporate-run daycares, that would make sense. Those businesses are comprised of an employer-employee relationship. And, that makes sense if the membership believes unionization is in their best interest.

But, when someone opens up their home-based business as an in-home daycare provider, they are recognized by the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue as independently owned and operated depending on their taxation structure -- usually a Limited Liability Company. They work for themselves, and they assume all financial risk just like any other independent small business.

So, why would Dayton and his cronies want to force independent small business owners to form a union?

Money and Power

The plan is to have every in-home daycare provider pay $25.00 per month. That’s over 9,000 in-home daycare providers in the state of Minnesota paying over $225,000 per month for a grand total of $2.7 million per year. Sounds like those union representatives are going to be able to take home a nice paycheck and enjoy some nice vacations with money they have extorted from independent small business owners! Congratulations to those at the top of this pyramid scheme who will be able to initiate mafia-like tactics to create a job of simply collecting money while they say they “represent” these small business owners.

And, what do these independent small business owners receive as benefits for being a part of the AFSCME Council? This is the union governing the constitution and bylaws for the in-home daycare providers.

Well, for starters, unlike any other unions, they do not have the right to strike. OK, that sounds like a winner of an idea. Even if any independent small business owner could go on strike, how smart would that be? Are they going to go on strike because they are upset with how they treat themselves?

And, Governor Dayton along with union cronies say that this bill will keep child care costs more affordable. It says so on their website:

Yes, increasing the costs of in-home daycare providers with union dues is the best possible way to decrease the costs for families paying for daycare expenses, right? Because increasing the costs for any independent small business owner never gets passed onto the consumer, right?

And, of course the unionization proponents say that having a union will improve care for children. Isn’t that a slap in the face of all child care providers who work so hard to take care of our children? Parents who care about their children will select the best child care providers to take care of their children. Child care providers who don’t attract customers will go out of business. The free market determines who survives.

Along with all of these other great benefits, the union would help in-home daycare providers establish rates. Hmmm, doesn’t the free market decide that, as well?

Free and fair vote?

And, what makes this even more interesting is that Governor Dayton has so wonderfully presented the option to take this to a vote because he said he would support a free and fair vote.

The reality is that (according to only 500 ballots will be issued by the AFSCME/CCPT and collected to present to the state. So, of the 9,000 in-home daycare providers, only 5.5 percent of those potential union members get to vote on whether to unionize. Normally, with any unionization process, all potential members get to vote. So, what’s wrong with this picture?

And, only those in-home daycare providers who have had a Child Care Assistant Program registration within the past 12 months are eligible to vote.

Lastly, if only 100 of the cards are returned, it takes a 51 percent vote to pass and form a union. OK, so only less than one-tenth of one-percent of the decision to vote for or against unionization of in-home daycare providers could boil down to a narrow scope of targeted and slanted voters. That’s like asking Republicans if they like Fox News.

The entire concept makes no sense at all.

Why don’t we make all independent small business owners form a union, but let’s focus our voting power on a small select few who want to organize it and collect the money from all the members.

Sounds like an easy way to make a good living.


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3:35:36, May 26th 2013

roz says:
FABULOUS article and absolutely TRUE! I am a veteran licensed childcare provider since 1984, and I wholeheartedly agree with this article!!!


3:59:37, May 26th 2013

jakkkids says:
I live in Wisconsin and I find this totally disgusting Gov.Dayton should be impeached or at least have his butt recalled..The Unions are nothing but thugs and because they no longer can get money out of WI and MI they will find any way to get it...A day care...Good Lord...Bring the price of daycare down.Now how does that happen when now the provider has to raise the price to include the union dues. Does Dayton have a brain.Can he not see the whole picture.He needs to take a lesson from my Gov.Scott Walker on how not to get on his knees before the Union thugs.Dayton should be ashamed of himself.


4:05:14, May 26th 2013

LtlRedHen3 says:
And don't forget that the deck is stacked with legal non-licensed "providers" who care for a friend or family member, generally for a short time. They may not even provide the care anymore, and don't have the same requirements as licensed providers, or networking to give them any information other than the lies fed by union reps. .Many won't realize or won't care that not sending in their vote really does matter. My 20 year old son cares for his nephew but if this passes, he'll have to pay union dues for the "right" to do so. Makes no sense at all.


8:01:41, May 26th 2013

Thiedeleigh says:
Thank you for a wonderful article! Sadly our government doesn't care what anyone has to say because they are owned by the union.


10:37:29, May 26th 2013

whohasthepen says:
It is sad that this guy can get so much wrong in so few words. What do you use for your research? Facebook? or maybe it was over-the-backyard-fence rumor mill you called for confirmation? A five minute read of the bill that was passed would have corrected most of the wrong info here. Well, that might mean you actually cared about telling the truth instead of just spewing your union-hatred rants around. Are there no editors at the Fillmore Journal?


6:22:33, May 27th 2013

UnionLover? says:
@whohasthepen must be another Union lover with clouded judgment. Blanket statement: "It is sad that this guy can get so much wrong in so few words." What was wrong?

That's the funny thing about Union lovers. Doesn't matter if their Unions do something wrong, they look the other way. They only see the good. A bunch of lemmings.


6:38:33, May 27th 2013

Jason Sethre, Publisher of Fillmore County Journal says:
Here's another interesting article on this subject.

Jason Sethre
Fillmore County Journal


7:05:42, May 27th 2013

Jason Sethre, Publisher of Fillmore County Journal says:
To "whohasthepen"...

I saw that you took issue with my commentary. Not sure of what specifically you felt was inaccurate, but I would appreciate your enlightenment.

Regarding "just spewing your union-hatred rants," that couldn't be further from the truth. I grew up in a household where my father was and still is a union man. He proudly wore his Teamster jacket when I was a young child and has served as shop steward for his union when negotiating contracts. So, I have over 35 years of life experience and awareness of the purpose, value and place for a union. So, I am not anti-union. I think they serve a purpose in certain situations. However, forcing small businesses to join a union makes no sense at all.

Both of our newspapers are members of the Minnesota Newspaper Association and the Minnesota Free Paper Association. This is by choice. The option to join an association makes more sense. Being a licensed daycare provider should be a requirement. Joining a union should not be required. These are small business owners. However, again, the option to join an association would be fine. But, again, that would be optional.

Unfortunately, the proponents to this cause either don't understand the historical development of unions being an employee-employer relationship, or they have ulterior motives.

Since you reference me as "this guy," you must not be from around Fillmore County. Not that this matters, but it does elicit other indications or motivations. If you are new to Fillmore County, welcome neighbor.


1:08:42, May 27th 2013

Grant Johnson says:
The number of signatures and ballots tends to be confusing partly because the House and Senate versions were slightly different.

To clarify the numbers, the union will need to collect 500 signed cards from providers in order to get a list of all who will be in the bargaining class. They will then have to collect thirty percent (30%) or more signatures from that group to force a vote. Ballots are distributed by mail to the whole group where fifty percent (50%) plus one vote will be required to force these small business owners into a union.

The problem is that not all effected will have the chance to cast a ballot.

Where does this go from here? Which business owners are next?

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