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Monday, October 24th, 2016
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Spring Valley views new ambulance equipment

Fri, May 17th, 2013
Posted in Spring Valley Government

Spring Valley City Council members had the chance to view the new Stryker Power Load System recently purchased for the Spring Valley Ambulance Service. Photo by Gary Peterson

By Gary Peterson

The Spring Valley City Council met on Monday night, May 13th and approved a resolution to approve the issuance and sale of a Housing and Health Care Facilities Revenue Note, Series 2013 and authorizing the execution of documents relating thereto (Spring Valley Care Center/Olmsted Medical Center Project).

The project to be financed by the Note is the refinancing of the outstanding principal amount of the City’s Housing and Health Care Facilities Revenue Note, Series 2006 (Spring Valley Care Center Project) and the financing of the acquisition, construction, and equipping of an approximately 14,055 square foot medical clinic, outpatient therapy clinic, and post acute nursing facility to be located at 800 Memorial Drive in the City. Except for the medical clinic which will be leased to and operated by Olmsted Medical Center, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, the Project will be operated by the borrower.

After a public hearing on the project on April 8th, 2013 it was determined that the issuance and sale of the Housing and Health Care Facilities Revenue Note, Series 2013 is in the best interest of the City, and the City determined to issue the Note and to sell the Note to Merchants Bank, National Association in Winona, Minnesota.

Pursuant to a loan agreement to be entered into between the City and the Borrower, the Borrower has agreed to repay the Note in specified amounts and at specified times sufficient to pay in full when due the principal. The note to be issued in accordance with the further provisions hereof; and the total aggregate principal amount of the Note that may be outstanding hereunder is expressly limited to $6,500,000.

Council also approved an amendment to the agreement with People Service. The amendment states; “People Service shall provide the Owner with up to eighty (80) hours of in kind service each year to be used for snow removal efforts within the City of Spring Valley.”

Repairing the Tourist Information Center parking lot was discussed at the meeting. City Administrator Deb Zimmer stated that she had gotten a bid of $16,900 that would be bituminous. Council person Todd Jones stated that he would like to see another quote for using concrete in upgrading the lot. It was decided Zimmer would get an appropriate quote for the next meeting.

Council had an opportunity before the meeting to view a new piece of equipment. The system will greatly assist ambulance attendants in loading and unloading patients and make that process safer for both the patient and the ambulance attendants. It’s called the Stryker Power Load System and the single unit cost is $23,943.00. The Ambulance Service indicated that two of the units would be required for a total cost of $45,526.00. According to Deb Zimmer there aren’t sufficient funds in the budget at the current time but council will delay any action until next year’s budget, which might result in delaying the purchase of a new ambulance.

John Fenske reported that activity in the parks and swimming pool area is coming up to speed. He said that he hopes the pool can be repaired and in operation by June 7th. Fenske again thanked the people at utilities in helping with the repair.

This will be a busy weekend for many activities in Spring Valley. The Almanzo 100 is set to kick off on Friday continuing through Saturday. There are over 1,600 people registered to take part and the motels and campgrounds should be full.

During the Council reports Bill Bires said that a citizen had approached him in regards to the chicken ordinance. He said that the citizen was inquiring about making a change in the ordinance to allow the roosters conjugal visits on a regular schedule. Will there be further discussion at another council meeting remains to be determined. Another city discussing a similar ordinance is Mantorville. They would allow up to 6 hen chickens and rooster visits every two weeks for 48 hours.

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