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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Part 2: Mabel-Canton senior class trip diaries

Fri, May 10th, 2013
Posted in Mabel Education

Day 5

By Tylor Fairchild and Tyler Stortz

On the fifth day of our trip, we woke up in Williamsburg. That morning we walked around with Dave to see the Governor’s Palace. After we had the tour in the palace, we took some pictures outside in front of the Governor’s Palace. When we were done taking pictures, we walked around the Palace, and Dave told us about the flower gardens and the canal that was made by the slaves. After we got done walking through the palace, we were free to walk around the town ourselves. The first place we went to was the Gunsmith. There they made guns from scratch. They heated up a flat iron piece, took a hammer and pounded the iron around a solid rod to form the barrel. When they were done with the barrel, they ran it through a bore to make the spiral groves inside the barrel. When we got done there, we went to the Public Gaol “Jail.” We learned that the Gaol had a separate living quarter for the owner to live in. Here they could hold people in a stall for a certain amount of time, and then they were released. From there we walked through a couple of buildings like the Goldsmith and the Printing Press. Once we were done walking through those buildings, we were told to go to the gift shop. They had a lot of interesting things in the gift shops. Once everyone was done shopping, we loaded the bus and went to the William and Mary College for the buffet lunch.

At the college they had a bunch of different foods to choose from. After everyone was done eating at the William and Mary College, we loaded the bus and went to Shirley Plantation. When we arrived at Shirley Plantation, there was a tour guide waiting for us. Our tour guide’s name was Julian. He showed us around the house and explained what the buildings outside were used for; one of the buildings now is a gift shop. Today there is still one of the family’s generations that lives there, and she is getting married soon. After the tour of the plantation, we got to play Bache ball on the lawn. After the game of Bache ball, we loaded the bus and went to the hotel. We could swim for a bit, and then we had a pizza party. Once everyone was done with the pizza party, we had bed check, and the day was over.   

Day 6

By Alyssa Spande and Alexa Guber

On the sixth day of our trip, we left Fredericksburg in the morning and headed to the US Marine Museum. The museum was very unique because it was all organized into different wars. Once we entered different areas, the temperature in the room would change to what it felt like during that war. After we made our way to the end of the museum, we all got to go to the gift shop, and most of our classmates got dog tags.

When we left the Marine Museum, we headed to the Us Naval Academy in Annapolis. The tour guide took us around and showed us the dorms and all the classrooms that the students there were in. We were all very surprised when he told us all the strict rules they had to follow while being enrolled there. After we got the tour, we got to eat lunch in the historical Naval Academy Dahlgren Hall.

Later that night, we finally got to DC. The first thing we did was go to our hotel and get settled in. We got to go on a night-time tour in downtown D.C. to the capital, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson memorial, FDA memorial, Vietnam wall and Korean War Memorial. The most emotional memorial was probably the Vietnam Wall because we didn’t realized how many people actually got killed until we saw how long the wall really was.

Day 7

By Stephanie Hafner and Ashley Dahl

At this time of the trip, it was a lot easier to get up early.  We were all used to Dave’s antics on the bus.  We started out the morning with “boots on the ground” on Capitol Hill.  We asked many police officers if the President was in town; almost all said that they didn’t know.  One of them said they thought he was in Boston.  As we made our way around the Capitol building, the girls posed for a picture while holding hands around a witness tree.  Also, some of the classmates did a demonstration of a slave trade; one of them got sold.  We kept strolling our way around the Capitol listening to Dave talk about the different sections in the building.  We headed to the back of the building and took a small class picture.  After the picture we kept walking; we saw the outside of the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.  As we made our way back to front of the Capitol, our class took the famous panoramic picture next to the Ulysses S. Grant Monument with Dave’s twin Don; he’s pretty quick.  

Once we got on the bus again, we headed to the Smithsonian.  We got free time to wander through the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Institute of Air and Space Museums.  They were both really amazing.  After our free time ended, we got on the bus once more and went to the White House.  We had to stand on the other side of the road because Pennsylvania Avenue was shut down, due to the recent bombing in Boston.  We got a lot of great pictures and even endured a protest gathering for deaf rights in America.  Dave also finally got one police officer to tell us that the President was in town, after all.  After that, we climbed on the bus and headed to Joe’s Souvenir’s Shop in downtown D.C.  Our class probably became broke after this stop.  We went back to the hotel for a couple hours to relax and clean up for a night of dining and dancing on the boat, The Spirit of Mount Vernon.  Before leaving the hotel, some of the chaperones took a really long time to get ready, so we had to wait a bit longer.  Before we got on the boat, it started to rain a little bit, but we all took cover before we got drenched.  Our class was on Deck 2; we were with two other schools on that floor.  The buffet on the boat was very good, a bit spicy, but that’s what you get for being in the South.  After we ate, we danced like crazy monkeys.  Dancing with our classmates and people from other schools was so much fun!  To be honest, a few of us got a little wild.  We had a great time dancing with Mark and Dave as well.  After we were all tired out and got back to the dock, we drove back to the hotel; we listened to slow songs in silence, reminiscing about what all happened.  We unloaded at the hotel, got into our rooms, and went to bed until the next morning.  

See next week’s Fillmore County Journal for the next entries in the Mabel-Canton senior class trip diaries.


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