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Letter about defending position

Fri, Apr 26th, 2013
Posted in Spring Valley Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

If you will allow me to defend my position, I would like to clarify to what I said that Mr. Grehl took offense with. I lived in Germany for three years. My duties took me into parts of Germany & France that even some German and French people didn’t know existed. Part of the time, I lived with the German people and I worked with a few influential German citizens. From them, I learned what they called Hitler. (Notice, I said what they called him; “The POLISH CORPORAL”). Guess they had a sense of humor too. Hans’ father was the head of the U Boat division of Hitler’s Navy and Hans had been a U Boat commander. I do believe the things they told me were accurate. He and others told me how HITLER, after taking office, had confiscated all of the firearms in the hands of the citizens of Germany and destroyed them and how. Now Jerry, were you stationed in Germany? Did you live among the people of that country? If you did then you must not have talked to any of those that had lived through the 2nd world war. At least, not about this deadly war.

I talked with some of the Jewish people there also; some of who had been prisoners. I went through the prison of Dachau; before they made it an attraction. I saw some of the destruction of that country. I don’t know how old you are Jerry, but talking to some of these people that were there is enough history for me. Maybe you have not been following the true history but just some of the blue side of what some people want you to know; and there is a lot of that out there.

Rod Skare

Spring Valley, MN

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