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Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
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Guest Commentary: Hook, line and sinker

Fri, Apr 12th, 2013
Posted in Harmony Commentary

Jerry Grehl

By Jerry Grehl, Harmony

Guest editorialist Jeff Erding’s passionate opposition of all things that might restrict in any way gun ownership is based on a false premise: a premise that has been sold to him hook, line, and sinker by the billion dollar firearms industry and their lobbyist organization, the NRA. It is the old “slippery slope” argument. Any government attempt to stem the madness, regardless of anything that is even common sense, will lead to “big government” confiscation. Now let’s look at some of the particulars in his anti-gun regulation screed. Mr. Erding says he reveres the entire constitution. Well, maybe not so much the first right, the right to life. The second amendment supercedes that. It supercedes everything, according to Erding. Nancy Lanza’s right to own a semi-automatic rifle capable of a magazine of up to 100 rounds was more important than the right to life of those innocent twenty darling babies in Newtown, CT. and their brave four teachers who were martyred for standing up to her demon possessed son Adam Lanza and his right to possess said weaponry. The right to life is the first right, Mr. Erding. He goes on to say only law abiding citizens will honor the background checks. Mrs. Lanza was a law abiding citizen. So were her snakes in the head son. So was the mass killer in Aurora, CO, Oak Creek, Phoenix AZ, VA tech, and places too many to mention. Erding goes on to make his ultimate argument: (I’ll avoid using his capital letters, a literary devise of screaming at your reader) “Registration means confiscation!” Odd Mr. Erding. I have no such fear. I own pistols, rifles, antique arms, shotguns,and one air rifle. I also do not fear my goverenment, which may be the unspoken baseless fear of Mr. Erding. I’ll agree with Erding that the vast majority of murders are not committed with an assault rifle; but all the massacres, mass killings, employ a high capacity magazine assault rifle or pistol. They are good for only one thing-mayhem! Ninety percent of the American people support background checks. The majority of gun owners like myself support bacxkground checks. The political fight is moot, over. The American people want a vote! The little kids at Newtown deserve a vote, the survivors of the Aurora slaughter deserve a vote. Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark deserve a vote. Question is, are our learned gutless salons in Washington capable of being shamed into allowing a vote?


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8:22:13, Apr 14th 2013

Laughing @ Jerry says:
Seriously, this guy is crazy. I don't know why the Journal let's him write anything in their paper.


2:18:59, Apr 17th 2013

Kim Wentworth says:
A couple of points: 1)On April 4th I sent in a short response to Mrs. Nyenhuis's letter on the NRA. Now a couple days removed from the tradgic events that occurred in Boston does the comment really hit home. 2) "Billion dollar firearms industry"- what does the dollar amount have to do with the point your attempting 3) The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are the Bill of Rights- non more equal than the other, but ALL more important than the rest of the Amendments. 4) smaller clip capacity only refocuses the point of fire each time the clip is changed 5) excisting guns laws under Obama have gone ignored and prosecutions have been few 6) Bill of Rights are not tested by political climate, poll testing or someone's feelings 7) Trying to personalize point by using names of people is questionable at least, taken from a political hack probable 8) "little kids" deserve the same protection under the Constitution as the rest of us 9) you can never legislate morality
The simple fact is people hurting people is the problem / gutless is not inforcing current laws. As a supposed gun owner i ask you: What exactly is an assault rifle? I have never seen one in my life. A liberal will say an assault rifle is something that shoots many, fast bullets and looks mean?? My response to that is WOW.


3:39:53, Apr 17th 2013

NRA Member says:
Much of the Hook Line & Sinker strikes me as, That Dog Don't Hunt. Comments that are jest not true, I will never understand why so many will say untruths, that so many must realize are a bit off, "Ninety percent of the American people support background checks.(NO) The majority of gun owners like myself support back ground checks",(NO) I see as not true. Of all the surveys I've seen the opposite is true, the only high percentage I have seen is when enforcing the existing gun laws are asked, over 22,000 of them and many if not most are not enforced. When asked about new laws the comments revert to why, outlaws can care less about laws much less new ones. With any of the new proposals of new laws, none would have prevented the tragedies that have happened other than to have someone with the ability and means to do so.
Keep in mind of privacy rights, only the Law Abiding and Felons can at this point be put into a data base, the mentally ill are protected, the problem isn't firearms, it's the mentally ill with firearms. This can not be easily prevented, no one want's to give up privacy rights, it will be abused at some point and we all know that.
I do not know the answer to the mental health issue, but I do know more restrictions on the law abiding will not address the issue of mental health issues and firearms, bats, knifes or even rocks.
In 2010, 6 million Americans who attempted to buy a gun, about 76,000 were denied. Of those, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) referred 4,732 cases for prosecution. Of these, 44 people were prosecuted and 13 were punished. 13 WHAT, 13, over 22,000 laws and they punished 13 !!!
Come on, lets enforce the existing laws before making new unenforced laws and address the mental health issue whether it is to include the mentally ill in the data base or more help to prevent the next tragedy.

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