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Letter about Erding commentary

Fri, Apr 12th, 2013
Posted in Spring Valley Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Your article is right on Jeff; too bad that Yvonne didn’t do a little history reading before she wrote. Her opinions on history and gun control are not factual. Yes, Hitler & Stalin were dictators but what made them Dictators? Hitler, known as the polish corporal was a nobody until he promised a chicken in every pot; a car in every garage. This sounded good to a starving nation. (Does this sound familiar?) And then when elected, confiscated all of the firearms of the German people and ran over them with an army tank. Can you see how a dictator was born? Are we opening the door to something like this in our country? Looking at our current Government and going back to 2008 & 2012 with all of the elections promises and pure BS, and nothing but accusations of previous administrations. Not taking any fault for their own failures. Now they want to take away the firearms of the people. (History repeating itself!)

What would our country be like if our populist would not have had their own firearms when the British were forcing us almost into slavery with taxes and laws to cripple this great nation?

If we yield our 2nd amendment rights; watch out as the rest of our constitution will soon follow, including the freedom of speech. The only thing our Government has accomplished lately is more spending, raising taxes, raising their own wages, and putting us deeper into debt. I have to live within my income. Do you?

Read why Jefferson and others insisted on adding this amendment to our constitution. OH! That is History! An armed nation will keep our Government honest.

Some people make a lot of noise without knowing the history of which they are writing.

A concerned citizen;

Rod Skare

Spring Valley, MN


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12:27:46, Apr 25th 2013

not anti-NRA says:
Seems to me that Mr. Skare and Mr. Erding should have done some research before writing a letter where they spout a bunch of mistruths. The current gun law that got voted down was to increase background checks, nowhere in the actual document did it say "take all firearms away from all citizens in the USA". That is what the NRA would like the citizens to believe because guess who benefits from the fear that the NRA spreads? The gun makers and ammunition companies and guess who the biggest financial supporters of the NRA are? The gun makers & ammunition companies who make big money when the NRA puts out propoganda because everyone runs out and buys up guns and ammo. How come no one is upset with the NRA for spreading BS cuz didn't they say back in 2008 that Obama was going to take all our guns away if elected? and he was elected, do you still have your guns?
I think it would be good if everyone, NRA members included, would get themselves educated about the truth of the gun bill BEFORE spewing mistruths in your local newspaper.