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Friday, December 2nd, 2016
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One Moment, Please... Promoting Fillmore County

Fri, Apr 5th, 2013
Posted in Preston Commentary

By Jason Sethre


Fillmore County Journal &

Olmsted County Journal

Cell: 507-251-5297

As you may have noticed, recently, we invested in having our Fillmore County Journal van wrapped up at Kelly’s Printing & Signs.

On the van, you’ll notice images of the Fillmore County Journal newspaper, a laptop, tablet and a smartphone -- all ways in which you can access our newspaper.

Along with those images, we have included all the towns where our newspaper gets delivered.

Well, we’ve certainly attracted more attention than had ever anticipated.

A few weeks ago, our company took a trip to Coon Rapids, Minn., to participate in the annual Minnesota Free Paper Association Sales Retreat.

During a lunch break from this one-day event, I walked out to the van to pick up something I had forgotten.

As I was opening the door to the van, two men walking toward their vehicles stopped in their middle of their conversation and asked me if I was from Fillmore County. How did they know? Oh yeah, there’s a big “Fillmore County Journal” logo on the side of this van.

Of course, I told them I was from Fillmore County. “Oh, do you know where Preston is?”

Of course, I knew where Preston was. “Yes, have you guys been down to Preston?”

One of the men said, “Oh, yes, we have a good friend and high school classmate who lives down in Preston.”

“Who is that,” I asked.

“Do you know Steve Nelson?” the man said.

“Oh, yes. Steve owns South Branch Outdoor Equipment up on the hill in Preston. He repairs mowers, snow blowers and all kinds of stuff.”

“Yeah, we went to school together,” said the man.

Both of the men had been down to Fillmore County and they said they loved visiting the area. The even referenced going to The Branding Iron.

Then, about a week later, I was at the Thrivent Financial building in Northwest Rochester. While at their office, a man walked into the office and said, “Is that your van out in the parking lot?”

“The Fillmore County Journal van?” I replied.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” he said.

“Yes it is,” I said.

And, then he asked, “Do you know any Grabaus down in Wykoff?”

“Of course. Which ones?” I replied.

And, then he started rattling off a whole bunch of names, some I knew and some I didn’t.

It’s been interesting to me how this all turned out. Our primary goal with getting the van wrapped with the Fillmore County Journal logo, images and list of towns, was to promote the Fillmore County Journal within Fillmore County.

And, as it turns out, since our van travels upwards of 1,000 miles per week with all that we do for our deliveries, our newly wrapped van is actually promoting Fillmore County wherever we go. It’s like having a moving billboard.

Again, I’d like to thank Kelly’s Printing & Signs for helping us to accomplish our goal, and ultimately for helping us to promote Fillmore County wherever we go. That was totally unexpected, but a bonus, nonetheless.

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