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Lanesboro City Administrator embarking on a new adventure

Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013
Posted in Lanesboro Features

Bobbie Vickerman will be leaving her position as Lanesboro’s City Administrator after nearly ten years. Photo by Jade Sexton

For almost ten years, Bobbie Vickerman has been a vital part of the city of Lanesboro as the City Administrator/Clerk. Her life is going to change drastically however, when she begins her new job working for Winona County. As of April 2, Vickerman will be the new Deputy Finance Director, working with the budget, audits, and all of the operations of the finance department.

It won’t be an easy change for Vickerman, who has come to love the council members and co-workers over the years, and has come to regard them as family.

“It’s been a good ten years,” she said.

Vickerman was with some people she knew in Winona who told her about the job and thought that she would be a good fit. She applied and was offered the job, which will utilize her college majors of accounting and economics well.

When Vickerman was first hired as City Administrator, she lived in Lanesboro with her young daughter Coranda. Since then she has moved to Mabel, married Cory Vickerman, and had a son, Brode, who is now four years old.

Over the years, the city of Lanesboro has changed, as has the job of City Administrator. “There was a big focus on finance when I first came here,” shared Vickerman. “We needed to build up the reserves and get in good fiscal condition. It took time, but we got there.”

Right now Lanesboro is looking ahead at several different Capital Improvement Projects, some that have come up unexpectedly and some that are part of the Capital Improvement Plan. Vickerman has also been a big part of the Heritage Preservation Commission, Planning and Zoning, and Buffalo Bill Days, in which she plans to continue her involvement.

“I’m sad to leave,” she shared. “I think the world of the council members and the staff here.”

Vickerman spoke about the people of Lanesboro; not just the council members and city staff, but the Lanesboro Chamber of Commerce, the business owners, and even the citizens who volunteer their time to make Lanesboro a great place to live, and to visit.

Vickerman is hopeful and confident that the move will be a positive one for her and her family, which has been very supportive. The people she works with and has worked with for years are disappointed that she is leaving them. Lanesboro is currently taking applications for a new City Administrator/Clerk.

Mayor Steve Rahn and two council members, Tom Dybing and Joe O’Connor, have been with Vickerman through her entire career in Lanesboro. Vickerman commented on the generousness of the people in Lanesboro, and how they have all been there for each other all these years, through good times and difficult situations.

“I am very appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had here, and I’m very thankful for the friendships I’ve made,” said Vickerman.

The new job in Winona will be day hours only, which means more time in the evenings with her family. “I’m excited but scared, too,” Vickerman confessed. “I guess that’s good!”

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