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Friday, December 2nd, 2016
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Letter about NRA letter

Fri, Mar 15th, 2013
Posted in Lanesboro Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

A couple of days ago I received a letter, a passionate defense of the NRA’s interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Yesterday a 6 month baby girl was killed when her father was changing her diaper in a mini-van in Chicago.

In a commentary I accused the NRA of “contributing to a climate of fear and paranoia.” My protagonist asked “exactly what fear the NRA initiated?”

The NRA for many years has been saying that our Government is the enemy. The Government will take away our guns. Be afraid. Be very afraid. They refer to what happened in Germany with Hitler and the Nazis and warn that without them to protect our Second Amendment rights the same thing can happen in this country.

This is not true. Hitler was a Dictator. In this country we have a Democracy with power divided between the Executive, Legistlative and Judicial branches of government. The President makes proposals which don’t become law without the approval of Congress. Congress is made up of representatives who we vote into office. They are friends and neighbors. They share our concerns and interests such as protecting our homes and a love of hunting. The government is “us.” Our ownership of guns is not threatened by our government.

My friend from the NRA might point out at this point that the President is Commander and Chief of the Military and has some latitude in making decisions about our National Security. Still, Congress controls spending. The balance of power as stated in the Constitution safeguards our freedom.

In recent years we have seen parts of our country become a war zone, children murdered on the way to school. The NRA defines liberty and freedom in terms of no restrictions or regulations on their guns.

The preamble to the Constitution includes to “insure domestic Tranquility” and to “promote the general Welfare.” We must support the effort to confront the growing violence. We must try to replace hate, fear and ignorance with love, compassion and reason.

Yvonne Nyenhuis

Lanesboro, MN


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1:02:57, Apr 4th 2013

Kim Wentworth says:
Some facts:
Timothy McVeigh: 1) killed 168 innocent people 2) killed 19 children under the age of 6 3) injured over 680 innocent people / you can still buy fertilizer, you can still buy racing fuel, and you can still rent box trucks. / Murderers will murder with or without a gun! Guns are not the problem i would submit.


9:09:40, Apr 19th 2013

NRA Member says:
WOW, when we can't find anyone to blame. I'm the NRA and many like me, we elect our board members too.
My group consists of ordinary people and it's not our responsibility to protect anyone but our self and family.
It's YOUR responsibility to protect you and yours, when you refuse to do so the blame is yours and yours alone, granted it's not always possible to do so,we will always have bad people out there. Laws will not make those set at doing evil on the right path, they don't care. All one can do is hope for enough warning to foresee a evil thing coming our way, WELL me anyway, I'm sure the government will be their for you.


7:12:11, Oct 4th 2013

Louie says:
Thou shalt not kill. Period. No ambiguity. What on earth would Christians, then, do with a gun? Furthermore: fear not, judge not, love one another, love thy enemies. It's about time so-called Christians start walking the walk instead of regurgitating the FOX news/Tea Party lies, fear mongering, and demagoguery!

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