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We are all a nation of immigrants

Fri, Mar 1st, 2013
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Frank W. Hawthorne

By Frank W. Hawthorne

“A [Christian] religious outlook permeates Arnold Toynbee’s “Study of History, 1934-1961” and made it especially popular in the United States, for Toynbee rejected Greek humanism, the Enlightenment belief in humanity’s essential goodness, and the “false god” of modern nationalism.” --Wikipedia

Before the American Sky [if not the surging Stock Market!] falls on the loquacious Col. Stan during BHO’s “tyrannical” 2nd term, let me offer some alternative views. While I do agree with him [And the President/e.g. simply Google “Obama fuel efficiency standards”!] that we focus on national energy independence, we depart on most other calamitous-sounding, “glass-half-empty” issues which preoccupy the Colonel. It’s no doubt a good thing of Mr. Gudmundson to suggest that we reject “false gods” (of many kinds), but it makes little sense to many of US when reverential followers of the atheistic Ayn Rand use aging British histories to buttress naked attacks on non-Christian Americans.

This applies especially to our Muslim brothers and sisters--thousands of whom have served honorably in the U.S. armed forces--who are now as numerous as those of us church-going Christians who call ourselves Episcopalians. While we’re used to seeing alarmist political predictions and rhetorical assaults [directed at those to the political Left of Glenn Beck], it does come as a nasty shock to see in-print the religious-fundamentalist Dark Side of extreme conservative obsessions and fears.

This was particularly brought to light when Gudmundson speciously suggested that one of his alleged “secret” State Department sources “sees only one reasonable way forward. Get out of the Muslim world and the Middle East completely...and not allow a single additional Muslim, to come into America.” You call that “reasonable”?!? Clearly, if there really exists such a person in our nation’s Department of State, he is locked away in some basement cubicle, self-divorced from Reality and angrily pounding-away on his secret laptop computer.

In any case, to any of our local Muslim neighbors who read such views in the recent “Over the Cliff” column featured in this weekly newspaper, I therefore offer our profound corporate apologies, and remind them that the Colonel no longer speaks for the government he once served. He echoes the views of a majority of his more-moderate countrymen.

Please understand that we’re not all jingoistic lemmings who abuse 1st Amendment privileges in this manner. It’s apparently too easy for some of us to forget that--apart from Native Americans and those brought here as slaves--we are ALL a nation of immigrants. And make no mistake--There IS a big difference between self-styled “heroic innovators” [of all kinds] who constructively create for the common good, and unheroic, petty demagogues, who appeal to our worst prejudices and fears.

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