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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
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How is my community unique?

By Cody Hendrickson

Fri, Feb 15th, 2013
Posted in Harmony Journal Student Writing Project

My community is unique in many ways. Harmony is a place of many things to do. It has an elegant public golf course, a top ten cave in the United States, and don’t forget its ever so popular Amish community that thousands of visitors come visit every year. Harmony may only be a town of just over 1,000 residents, but it has its own character in many more ways than one.

First of all, the name “Harmony” came about at a town hall meeting when everyone was arguing and somebody stepped in and said, “Let us be in Harmony,” and that’s how it came about. I personally think that it is unique in its own way. Also, Niagara Cave was discovered when a farmer lost three pigs and went searching for them. He found them at the bottom of a hole, which was then found to be the great Niagara Cave as we know it today. Those two events are unique in themselves.

Harmony is also very popular because of its large Amish community. The Amish community has brought in many tourists to southeastern Minnesota throughout the years. The town of Harmony offers Amish tours that roam the countryside to see their unique lifestyle. The Amish bring in their goods into town on Saturday’s for a market where they sell their very delicious goods. The Amish also provide excellent service within the community. They provide carpentry work, hoof trimming, and almost everything in between. Last but not least, the Amish keep all of their shopping local, because they have to. When you come to Harmony to get groceries or stop into Kingsley’s Mercantile you are almost guaranteed to see at least one Amish buggy trekking through town. If you do stop at the grocery store, you will see a special spot just for them to park their horse and buggy. I don’t know about you but I find that very special about our community.

Another special part of Harmony is its famous movie theater, the Jem Theatre. It is only one of the few small family owned and operated theaters in the state of Minnesota. The prices are low, at $5 a ticket, and the service is simply amazing. This Harmony feature is one of its finest.

Lastly, Hobo Park is a unique structure on the west side of town. It consists of six hobo sculptures that have been carved by Slim’s Woodshed. It itself is very unique.

I find that the community that surrounds me is very special. It has given me opportunities with school and businesses along with the people I meet. My community is unique in many ways that I described, however I feel that without my community I couldn’t be where I am today. It has blessed me with the things that I’ve wanted, plus more and that is why I believe my community is unique.

Cody Hendrickson is the 2012-2013 winner of the Fillmore County Journal scholarship.

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