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I’ve been Branded

Fri, Feb 8th, 2013
Posted in All Real Bites

Steak and lobster made for a memorable birthday celebration at The Branding Iron. Photo by Jason Sethre

For my last year in my thirties -- yes my 39th birthday -- I decided to celebrate with my family at The Branding Iron in Preston, Minn.

I’ve bragged about The Branding Iron to friends and family before, and I’ve even written about my fantastic meals at The Branding Iron in this foodie feature. But, I had never celebrated my birthday at The Branding Iron until this past month.

While my daughter and son raved about the salad bar, I had my eye on something else. I was checking out the steak and lobster, or surf and turf for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

I had never considered ordering steak and lobster until that moment, but The Branding Iron honors a half-price special for those celebrating their birthday. It was really a spur of the moment decision. After I realized my meal would be half price, I thought to myself how often this opportunity was going to present itself -- only once per year! So, I ordered the feast.

While our children were picking away at their plates of salad bar goodies, my wife and I chatted about our plans for the weekend.

And, then our server delivered hot plates of delicious food. Since this wasn’t a typical meal I’ve ordered at any restaurant, Olivia and Landon were eyeing my plate with curious smiles. One of them said, “Dad, can we have some of that?”

“You bet!”

And, so I shared a little lobster with everyone at the table. Interestingly, their response was complete rejection. The kids weren’t into it.

And, that’s OK, because the less everyone else wanted meant there was more for me. According to my taste buds, this lobster was a winner. I loved the taste and texture, especially dipped in hot butter.

It’s funny how as children we don’t like certain foods, but they grow on us as we become adults. For example, I couldn’t stand the sight or taste of tomatoes when I was a kid. Today, I can pick up nearly any type of tomato and eat it like an apple. I actually love tomatoes.

Our children don’t like tomatoes, and apparently they don’t like lobster, yet.

For the moment, I will enjoy monopolizing those delicious foods that our children don’t relish so much. However, I know some day we will be dueling with our forks for the last morsel of a tomato and maybe even lobster.

So, if you’re thinking of a great place to celebrate your birthday with friends or family, put The Branding Iron at the top of your list. They provide a great atmosphere and excellent food for a memorable experience.

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