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Trigger Time Firearms aims to serve the public

Fri, Jan 25th, 2013
Posted in Fountain Features

Rick Dahly, owner of Trigger Time Firearms, located in Fountain, Minn. Photo by Barb Jeffers

Trigger Time Firearms was Incorporated in March 2012, and has been doing business in Fountain, Minn. since June 2012. The owner of Trigger Time Firearms is Rick Dahly who says he is “passionate about people protecting themselves and their families,” which is why he started Trigger Time Firearms. Other considerations for Rick in opening the business were the fact that he has always loved shooting sports and realized there were not many businesses of this type in the area. On the Facebook page for Trigger Time Firearms, www.facebook.com/TriggerTimeFirearms,LLC, it states that “Trigger Time Firearms, LLC offers NRA (National Rifle Association) basic pistol shooting, and NRA basic personal protection in the home course” which explains only part of what Rick Dahly offers through his business.

Rick Dahly explains that he feels he has all the qualifications necessary to operate this type of business partly due to the fact that he is a full-time police officer, but also because he has been certified by the Department of Public Safety and is an NRA Certified Instructor. According to its Facebook page, “Trigger Time Firearms, LLC has been approved by the Department of Public Safety in accordance with the department’s standards to train instructors to teach the Minnesota Citizens’ Personal Protection Act of 2005” giving participants assurance that the instructor is well-educated in the field of weapons training.

Trigger Time Firearms offers the Minnesota Permit to Carry class and Rick states that his typical customers have been a mix of men and women, all over the age of 21, with the student ratio being at least fifty percent women. Mr. Dahly highlights the fact that the Minnesota Permit to Carry class is not a “shooting class” and it is not the “end of your training, it is the start of your training,” in his opinion. The next Permit to Carry Class will be held January 26, 2013.

Rick stated a person must have “the proper mind-set and skill-set” and make sure that you are “competent with your skills” to be responsible. All aspects come back to personal responsibility. According to Rick, he teaches “special NRA Instructor Courses teaching their curriculum” which will give students specific training which is NRA approved.

The cost of training depends on which class is taken, the location of the class, and so forth. Most Permit to Carry classes cost one hundred dollars and are completed during one full day of training. Along with firearm training, Trigger Time Firearms also offers firearm sales. Owner Rick Dahly commented, “I can get just about any gun, accessories, and ammunition that a customer requests.”

Trigger Time Firearms can also help customers who are interested in becoming members of the NRA.

Rick states, “If you don’t prepare for bad things that happen, things will be worse than they would have been,” which is why he is teaching people to be prepared.

For more information about Trigger Time Firearms phone (507) 259-5568, visit the business Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TriggerTimeFirearms, LLC, or email at info@triggertimefirearms.com.

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