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Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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One Moment, Please... Is 2013 just another year?

Fri, Dec 28th, 2012
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As we close out 2012, we can’t help but start thinking ahead to 2013. And with this thought comes a flurry of possibilities.

For Christmas this year, Santa left for me a book by my stocking. No, it wasn’t in my stocking, because it was too big. It was next to my stocking. This book, Steve Jobs by William Isaacson, is well in excess of 600 pages, and will be a good starter book for me in 2013.

While I read news stories every day, consuming volumes and volumes of information, I rarely have time to read books. As a matter of fact, I am rather fickle about my reading selection.

My wife, daughter and son read books on a regular basis, and they tend to gravitate toward fiction. I, on the other hand, have always taken a liking to non-fiction.

I recall back in third or fourth grade strolling to the school library every week to pick up copies of the biographies of each U.S. President. I read every biography they had on hand, covering the most notable presidents of our nation.

Today, unfortunately, my days are consumed with so many tasks that take me away from long-term commitments such as reading 600-page books.

But, in 2013, I’m going to commit myself to reading more books, like I did nearly 30 years ago. I have to say that watching my children take such an interest in reading has guilted (maybe ‘inspired’ is a better word) me into asking myself why I am not doing the same.

And, to me, this is what makes a new year somewhat special.

What are you going to do in 2013 that you haven’t done yet in your life?

Whatever it is, make it a goal.

As life moves by pretty quick, I continue to recognize that I don’t get things done if I don’t make them a priority.

Maybe this is the year in which you establish your bucket list?

And, whatever you decide to do, I think it can be valuable to let others close to you know what expectations or goals you are setting for yourself.

Sharing your goals establishhes accountability to carry out your lifelong pursuits.

Whether it is a vacation to a place you’ve never been, reading more books, running a marathon, or spending less time at work and more time with family, I’m sure we’ll all find something new in 2013.

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