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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
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Thoughts about tomorrow’s election

By Yvonne Nyenhuis

Fri, Nov 2nd, 2012
Posted in All Commentary

The election has been upstaged by “Sandy.” The devastation reminds us that there is a power greater than ours, and that we have limited control of our destiny. For those who have lost their homes to wind, fire and flood, voting must seem inconsequential. Yet, elections matter. If Al Gore had won in 2001 we would not have invaded Iraq.

Tomorrow, the curtain will be pulled back revealing what our fate will be for the next four years. Either the sure footed donkey will continue to lead or after a two year painful gestation an elephant will be born. (As close as this election purports to be we might end up with John Boehner as President.)

While Mitt Romney has been free to campaign the last two years, president Obama has had his “day job,” dealing twenty-four-seven, with the burden imposed by turbulence abroad and a struggling economy at home, as well as the rigors of campaigning.

It appears that there are two Mitt Romneys. There is one who is a loving husband and father, and a leader in his church, who gives ten percent of his income to charity. The other Mitt Romney, the one we need to question, made his wealth by closing factories and sending them to China. His idea of creating a climate for business in this country is to destroy the unions and OSHA and have Americans working twelve hour days at a dollar and hour.

My husband and I raised our three boys to participate in sports. We saw sports as a metaphor for life. There are rules, oversight to see the rules are followed and penalties imposed when rules are broken. What we find is that when it comes to Wall Street, Corporations and Special interests, there are no rules. There are those who live apart from the rest of us in a world of privilege, unfettered by rules and regulations. Mitt Romney belongs to this club.

As I watch the conflagration that “Sandy” has wrought, I hear Romney’s voice promising to reduce funding for FEMA, referring to it as an “entitlement” program. On day one he will abolish Obamacare, “Poor people can go to emergency rooms if they are sick!” He will cut the number of public service jobs, teachers, firemen, policemen, and nurses. If we increase these jobs, these people will buy houses, cars and require goods and services which will create an abundance of jobs in the private sector. With increased revenue we can start to pay off the deficit. If they are not employed they will seek unemployment insurance, and when that runs out they will live in cardboard boxes and eat at soup kitchens.

Recently, a tape was run on television showing a rally for Women’s rights in the early seventies. There was Ann Romney smiling, and carrying a sign with big letters protesting ERA! The current Congress has resurrected the struggle for Women’s rights. Romney promises, if he has the opportunity, he will appoint a new judge (or judges) to the Supreme court and reverse Roe vs. Wade. Family planning, women remaining in control of their reproductive health is part of a vibrant economy. Roughly half of the working force are women and have families depending on them for support.

Romney wants to increase military spending. He appears to be a little too willing to invoke military action to solve problems abroad. He and his five sons have stayed out of military service, but he finds it agreeable for others to answer the call to fight.

His performance on the campaign trail has been astonishing. He changes his message according to his audience. He has been described as a “wet noodle,” a chameleon, and a weather vane which changes direction with the wind.

Whatever the results of the election, many Americans will be unhappy. We’ll need to regroup. Try to find the will “to love our neighbors,” and to pursue truth and justice.

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