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Monday, September 26th, 2016
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Fri, Oct 12th, 2012
Posted in All Health & Wellness

Lazy Cooking

The weather has finally cooled off, and although I am relieved to not be sweltering in humidity anymore, now I get to complain about how cold I am. It gets dark earlier, which sets a signal in our brains that it’s time to hibernate. It’s time to curl up under the blanket, stay home, eat carbs, and watch TV.

Like so many others, I enjoy this time of year when I can cook warm comforting food again. I have been looking forward to homemade soups, squash in the oven warming up my kitchen, and mashed potatoes with gravy. The greatest part of this autumn season is easily all of the pumpkin. I know I have shared pumpkin recipes before in this column, but there so many things to do with it.

But I would like to steer away from dessert a little, mostly because I have been indulging in them a bit much lately, and the holidays aren’t even here. I’m going to talk about lazy cooking.

We have all been there. Most of us work full-time job and/or have kids and very full schedules. I have found that I do not have as much time anymore to experiment with new recipes, except on the weekends. During the week, I tend to make quicker meals, and sometimes, in a state of fatigue and apathy, I sacrifice nutritional value. Especially when the cold weather kicks in and makes me feel drowsy.

How can we avoid this? I know of some ways, but they involve preparation ahead of time, something else I am not good at. I am a last minute kind of girl. I would like to work on that.

Making meals that can be frozen and having them available to heat up on short notice is a great plan. I love doing this with soup, casseroles, or with burritos. They can also be taken to work for a quick, nutritious lunch.

There are also many websites out there that can help you make a meal that is quick and easy without sacrificing your health and resorting to frozen pizza.

I try not to buy packaged processed foods very often, but this recipe is one that I made up one night when I had a package of wild rice mix in my cupboard. It turned out to be delicious and easy, and something I go to now when I am low on time or ambition, or when I am not overly concerned about my sodium intake. It’s a cop-out, but at least there are some good nutrients in there. It’s also a very inexpensive meal.

Wild Rice


One box Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice (Original)

1 can chickpeas or cooked diced chicken

A couple handfuls of fresh baby spinach

Cook wild rice according to package directions. Throw in chickpeas or chicken, and spinach. Cook until spinach has wilted.

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