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Friday, October 28th, 2016
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Harmony approves Girl Scout project

Fri, Oct 12th, 2012
Posted in Harmony Features

By Jade Sexton

Aubrey Johnson was at the Harmony City Council meeting on October 9 to get permission from the city for a project being done by her Girl Scout troop on Oct. 13.

Girl Scouts all around the area are getting together that day to clean leaves out of gutters. Johnson showed the council some of the biodegradable bags they will be using to collect the leaves. They will also be spray-painting a stencil picture at the storm drains that reads, “Only rain down the drain.”

Johnson explained they will be handing out door hangers with information about how leaves in the drains can increase phosphorous levels in the water. The girls will be getting patches for their work.

After some discussion about what will be done with the bags, it was decided they should be put into a pile at the tree dump and Johnson will be sure there is a sign there explaining they are biodegradable bags and what they are for.

Building and Maintenance

City Maintenance Employee Chris Johnson told the council they found a used engine for $650 for the water truck, and Mark McKay is working on swapping the engines.

Johnson got a proposal from Morem Electric in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for the blowers at the wastewater treatment plant. He said they would save money on electricity, as he can adjust the settings, and they will also save wear and tear on the blowers. VFDs for two blowers will cost $4,522. The third blower, which is out of order, will be fixed and kept for backup.

Johnson also told the council about sodium sulfate tablets they are going to use to try to reduce the residual chlorine in the affluent water line. They will have to test the water every day, and they need to find a manhole they can access every day of the year.

Fire Hall

Illg told the council that the MNDoT tower going up at the fire hall will have its own generator for the equipment. He said they agreed to run a line out of that and into the control room at the fire hall. They will have to have an outlet or two to run the radios and equipment. There is just some question about who would pay for the cabling. He said there is no number right now but it is in discussion.

Park Board

Council member Dan Tieffenbacher said the Park Board received a grant for $1,000 from Walmart for playground equipment. He added that at the recent Community Foundation meeting, they said they would donate more money if they looked into getting something besides rock or wood chips for the playground. The Park Board is going to look into the price for rubber mats.

Trophy Cases

Illg informed the council that the Historical Society would like to finish their project of displaying several old Harmony High School sports trophies in cases at the Community Center. There is already one case installed, and they estimate the cost of installing two more to be around $8,000. Illg said the price of glass has gone up a lot since the last one was built. They want to know if the city is still going to pay for half of the cost.

Illg said the estimate does not include the electricity for wiring the lights, which was $500 for the last case. The council approved paying half of the cost, or up to $5000, whichever is less.

Boulevard Request

Miles Petree, owner of On the Crunchy Side, has purchased the old American Legion building and remodeling it. It will be called The Hall and will be rented out for events. Petree was at the meeting to discuss some work he is doing to the building. He has torn off the steps in the front of the building and would like to put up a small deck and steps in its place. The deck and steps would be encroaching on the boulevard and so he needed approval for the project.

The deck itself will be five feet out from the building, there will be three feet for the steps, which leaves four feet from the steps to the curb, where there will be a sidewalk. The council approved.

Other Business

There was discussion about the final budget that will be approved in December, and it was decided to have each of the departments try to cut five percent from their budget, or justify why they can’t cut that much.

The council approved a revolving loan and a commercial rehab loan for the person who purchased the old P&H building in Harmony and plans to do some improvements. The revolving loan was for $15,000, and the commercial rehab loan for $10,000.

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