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2012 State Fair 4-H results

Fri, Oct 5th, 2012
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By LeeAnn Howard, Fillmore County 4-H Program Coordinator

State Horse Show Results

•Heather Apenhorst: 17th in Key Race grade 7, 15th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 7, 26th in Barrels Grade 7, 27th in Poles grade 7

Also competed in Horse speech contest:

•Jackie Apenhorst: Competed in hunt seat equitation grade 9, hunt seat pleasure grade 9, western showmanship grade 9, barrels grade 9, and horse speech grade 9

•Jenna Blumer: 6th in Western Pleasure grade 12.

Also competed in Hunt Seat Equitation grade 12, hunt seat pleasure grade 12, western horsemanship grade 12, western showmanship grade 12 and trail grade 12

•Lexie Eberley: 9th in Key race grade 13, 12th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 13, 10th in Barrels grade 13.

Also represented Fillmore County as our grand entry rider

•Maggie Haugstad: Competed in Horse Related

•Autumn Kappers: 7th place in Western Showmanship grade 11.

Also competed in hunt Seat equitation grade 11, western horsemanship grade 11, western pleasure grade 11 and trail grade 10-11

•Kalli Kohlmeyer: 1st place in Horseless Horse

•Tanner Lecy: 42nd in Key Race grade 9, 23rd in Jumping Figure 8 grade 9, 29th in Barrels grade 9, 28th in poles grade 9

•Michala Morrow: 35th in key Race grade 9, 12th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 9.

Also competed in barrels grades 9

•Nashia Soland: Completed Step 6 of Achievement. Competed in western horsemanship grade 13, western pleasure grade 13, western showmanship grade 13, Training Step 6

•Austen Whitacre: Competed in Horse Related

Hippology Results

There were two individuals that competed in the hippology contest at the state horse show. Out of a field of 94 participants here are their results:

Exam: Maggie Haugstad 28th, Abbie Yonts 31st

Stations: Maggie Haugstad 54th, Abbie Yonts 48th

Judging: Maggie Haugstad 24th, Abbie Yonts 14th

Overall: Maggie Haugstad 37th and Abbie Yonts 39th

Horse Judging Results

The following members competed in horse judging: Jackie Apenhorst, Jenna Blumer, Maggie Haugstad, Autumn Kappers, Haley Schwinefus, Nicole Sebastian and Austen Whitacre. The team of Jenna Blumer, Autumn Kappers, Haley Schwinefus and Nicole Sebastian were an alternate for a national trip with Haley taking several individual honors.

Dog Show Results

•Stephanie Sukalski: Beginner Agility grades 9-13, Blue; Jumpers 1 Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Beginner A Obedience grades 9-13 Reserve Champion

•Gabriella Yonts: Beginner Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Elementary Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Jumpers 1 Agility grades 9-13 2 Blues (one with each dog); Beginner B Obedience grade 9 Blue; Novice Obedience grade 9 Champion

4-H State Shoot Results

Hunter Jorgenson, Marcus Plaehn and Steven Skifter were on a team of Archery, Intermediate Class C and placed 14 out of 69 teams.

Marcus Plaehn placed 27 in Intermediate trap with Steven Skifter placing 101st out of 115 participants.


•Hunter Aggen: Registered Black Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple

•Margaret Alexander: Global Connection, Blue

•Kayla Biel: Demonstration; Blue; Purebred Senior Buck Rabbit, Purple

•Cody Hendrickson:Video, Blue

•Megan Hendrickson:Health, Blue; Mini Lop Senior Buck, Purple

•Nicole Sebastian: Exploring Animals Blue

•Austen Whitacre: Shooting Sports, Blue

•Alvin Williams: Pigeons -- Fancy Young Birds, Blue

•Megan Witt: Registered Limousin Steer, Blue


•Jordan Bergan: Registered Hereford Jr Yrlng, Blue/Reserve Champion

•Jerad Brown: Commercial Jr Yrlng, Blue

•Treyten Chiglo: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship, Blue

•Tristen Chiglo: Crossbred February Gilt, Blue

•Clay Johnson: Purebred Simmental Jr Yrlng, Purple

•Marshall Johnson: Dairy Market Goat, Blue

•Marshall Johnson: Market Goat Showmanship, Blue

•Paige Johnson: Dairy Market Goat, Blue; Market Goat Showmanship, Purple

•Tyler Johnson: Foundation Simmental Jr Yrlng, Purple/Champion

•James Knudsen: Commercial Jr Yrlng, Purple

•Preston Lecy: Crossbred Barrow, Purple

•Donnie Lind: Registered Hereford Steer, Red

•Kjersta Lind: Registered Red Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple/Champion; Registered Red Angus Jr Yrlng, Champion Int Heifer Showperson

•Pierce Lind: Registered Hereford Jr Yrlng, Purple

•Sara Lind: Registered Hereford Steer, Purple

•Ben Markegard: Registered Yorkshire Barrow, Blue

•Jordy Markegard: Crossbred March Gilt, Purple

•Jordy Markegard: Crossbed March Gilt, Champion Breeding Gilt Showperson

•Hope Morrison: Registered Holstein Spr Jr Yrlng, Purple

•Tanner Morrison: Registered Holstein Fall Calf, Purple/Champion

•Josef Pettit: Shooting Sports, Blue

•Ryan Ruberg: Registered Yorkshire Feb. Gilt, Blue

•Hudson Stensgard: Dairy Steer, Blue


•Ashley Bue: Crossbred Steer, Blue; Corn, Blue

•Nick Drinkall: Jersey Cow -- 3 and 4 Yr Old, Purple

•Michael Fishbaugher: Speckle Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Dane Gillespie: Plant and Soil Sciences, Red

•Maggie Haugstad: Exploring Animals, Blue

•Lea Jensson: Child Development, Blue

•Jared Kelly: Citizenship, Blue

•Kirstin Lawstuen: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Kyle Lawstuen: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Haely Leiding: Registered Holstein 2 Yr Old, Purple; Registered Holstein 2 Yr Old, Reserve Champ Int Showperson

•Kayla Leiding: Registered Holstein 3 Yr Old, Blue

•Caroline Mayer :Registered Black Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple/Res Champion

•Kimberly Morrow: Californian -- Senior Buck, Blue

•Michala Morrow: Purbred Senior Buck -- Rabbit, Blue

•Steve Rein: Crossbred February Gilt, Red

•Cody Ristau: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Bailey Ruen: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue; Consumer Education, Blue

•Karlee Ruen: Quilting, Purple

•Leah Ruen: Food and Nutrition, Red; Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Taylor Ruen: Lawn and Landscape, Blue

•Rianna Ryan: Mini-Lop Senior Buck, Blue

•Madeline Snyder: Registered Duroc Jan. Gilt, Purple/Reserve Champion

•Nashia Soland: Photography, Purple

•Jared Troendle: Entomology, Blue; Crossbred February Gilt, Blue

•Travis Troendle: Computer, Red; Crossbred Winter Calf, Purple/Champion Net Merit

Spring Valley/Wykoff/Ostrander

•Gretchen Corson: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship,Blue; Purchased Clothing, Blue

•Hannah Corson: Crafts , Red

•Erica Earley: Dairy Steer, Purple/Res. Champ Div 4 (Auction)

•Lisa Earley: Quilting, Purple

•Valerie Earley: Dairy Steer, Purple

•Ben Gruszynski: Mini Lop Senior Doe, Blue

•Jenise Hebig-Stier Chickens-Brown Egg Production, Purple

•Tyler Jannsen: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship, Blue

•Tyler Kappers: Registerd Holstein 4 Yr Old, Purple; Veterinary Science, Purple

•Duncan McDonald: Geology, Red

•Tom Mettler:Potatoes, Blue

•Kayla Mulhern:White Face Market Lamb; Purple

•Kyle Mulhern: Crossbred Dairy Steer, Blue

•Neal Mulhern: Reg Other Breeds Cow/Calf, Purple/Champion

•Danielle Schultz: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Market Goat Showmanship, Blue; Water/Wetlands, Blue

•Amy Welch: White Face Market Lamb, Blue; Quilting, Purple

•Matthew Woods: Black Face Market Lamb, Red; Club Community Pride, Purple

•Melanie Woods: Constructed Fashion Revue, Participated

•Melinda Woods: Constructed Clothing, Blue; Registered Holstein Fall Sr Yrlng, Red


•Jenna Blumer: Black Face Market Lamb, Purple (Auction Participant)

•Jessica Boyum: Registered Simmental Steer, Red

•Logan Boyum: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Morgan Boyum: Speckle Face Market Lamb,Purple/Reserve Champion (Auction )

•Alex Coe: Nubian Milking 2 Yr Old Doe, Reserve Champion

•Alex Coe: Dairy Goat Showmanship -- Int., Champion; Exploring Animals, Blue

•Jerico Drogemuller: Nubian Dry Yrlng Doe, Blue; Dairy Goat Showmanship -- Int., Red

•Jessica Fenske: Market Gilt, Red; Exploring Animals, Purple

•Noah Fenske: Market Gilt, Red

•Jared Goldsmith: Comm White/Speck Ewe Lamb, Blue

•Tyler Goldmsith: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue

•Payton Guenther: Dairy Market Goat, Purple; Market Goat Showmanship, Blue; Vegetable Gardening, Blue

•Abby Hopp: Holstein Grade 4 Yr Old, Blue/Champion Net Merit

•Megan Hopp: Purchased Fashion Revue, Participated

•Ethan Kappers: Black Face Market Lamb, Red

•Colton McGraw: Black Face Market Lamb, Red

•Camille Rasmussen: Constructed Fashion Revue, Participated

•Isaac Thompson: Black Face Market Lamb, Red

•Katie Winslow: Market Gilt, Blue; Youth Leadership, Blue


•Travis Capelle: Dairy Steer, Purple

•Andrew Gathje: Market Pen of Chickens, Purple; Indoor Gardening, Purple

•Bennett Gathje: Home Environment, Blue; Breeding Pen of Chickens, Blue

•Jacob Goeldi: Brown Swiss Aged Cow, Blue/Res. Champ. Net Merit

•Krista Kenning: Crafts, Blue

•Mitchell Osterhus: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue; Photography, Red

•Rural Rookies: Club Banner, Blue

•Eleni Solberg: Needle Arts, Purple; Chickens -- Bantam Brd Pen, Reserve Champion Showperson; Chickens -- Bantam Brd Pen, Purple

•Stephanie Solberg: Chickens -- Bantam Brd Pen, Blue

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