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Thursday, September 29th, 2016
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New Victim Services Agency requests funding

Fri, Oct 5th, 2012
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Anne Detlefson, a victim advocate and on the board of Fillmore Family Advocates, requested funding from the county at the board’s October 2 meeting. She requested the same gift from the county ($3,000) or more that had previously been given to the former Fillmore Family Resources (FFR), a non-profit agency that was recently defunded by the office of Justice Programs, Minnesota Department of Public Safety. FFR provided services to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Due to the defunding FFR has discontinued services and is in the process of closing.

The mission of the new victim services agency will be to help all who witness violence or fear violence, according to Detlefson. The agency will be dedicated to community violence awareness, education and prevention. The agency is being formed in response to the void left by FFR. Detlefson said they have some donations pledged and have a temporary office in Harmony. They hope to have a permanent office in Preston within a month. Commissioner Duane Bakke asked whether they will be able to get the large funding source necessary to operate continually. Detlefson said their plan includes having people in Fillmore County provide advocacy to people in the county. She expects to be funded as locally as possible with some grants, adding the beginning budget goal is $168,000.

Commissioner Chuck Amunrud asked if there was a chance to apply for something similar to the grant that supported FFR. Detlefson said five domestic agencies were defunded and three were given new grants. She said they are applying for a grant as a new agency. Amunrud acknowledged that the organization is in its infancy and can provide a basic and needed service. Bakke said he would vote to support the new agency as they did FFR. He said maybe the county could provide some space for them to operate. Commissioner Randy Dahl suggested she speak to Wayne Stenberg, executive director of Semcac, about possible office space. He added the overhead for office space is a big cost. The board seemed to generally signal that they would support the new agency as they had FFR.

Other Business In Brief

•The purchase of a second Storage Area Network (SAN) was approved to be installed in the Fillmore County Office Building. The first SAN is in the courthouse. Jeff Cooper, Information Systems, said it will help them manage data better. Bakke asked how much of the information being stored could be removed. County Coordinator Karen Brown said there are regularly scheduled reviews to see if folders and some files can be removed. The installation of the SAN costing $31,240.39 was approved using budgeted Information Systems funds and un-allocated funds equally.

The purchase of one laptop and nine PCs was approved due to the fact that Windows XP versions will no longer be supported by Microsoft by early 2014. All computers will need to be upgraded to Windows 7 by that time.

•The board approved the removal of Ostrander from 606.01 of the county zoning ordinance, as the city now has its own zoning ordinance.

•The board approved the amending of the Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance to allow Micro Wind Energy Conversion Systems in the Ag District to be built without the completion of the CUP process, but with just a permit. Micro systems are those that generate up to one kW and have a tower 75 feet high or less.

•A Conditional Use Permit for Jim Koenig to build a total confinement hog building for 2400 hogs in Section 9, Beaver Township was approved with no conditions. Anne Koliha, SWCD, said the CUP fit within the county ordinance. Bakke reviewed the Planning Commission public hearing discussion and concerns about odor voiced by a neighboring land owner. He noted that the distance from the neighboring dwelling is within the odor offset limits, which were developed by the University of Minnesota.

•A payment of $4,575 to Kane and Johnson for additional architectural services for the Highway Administration Building Remodel was approved. Kane and Johnson had reduced the additional charges by 25 percent. The additional services were to make changes to the original design.

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