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Friday, October 28th, 2016
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We need a president who will serve “all the people”

By Yvonne Nyenhuis

Fri, Oct 5th, 2012
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Foreign Policy

The Bush administration saw leadership in terms of fear at home and abroad. They talked about “The War on Terror,” the “Axis of Evil,” and “You’re Either With us or Against Us.” We were warned of the Mushroom Cloud and subjected to red and orange alerts, signaling to us the degree of danger of which we should be afraid.

President Obama has said that while the danger is real, we should not allow fear to rule our lives. If we do, the terrorists will have won. The Bush administration claimed that only “their” administration could keep us safe. President Obama is more realistic. He has promised to do all that is in within his power to keep us safe.

The Bush administration sought to control and dominate the world with threats and intimidation. They saw dropping bombs on our enemies as a way to solve conflict. They never seem to figure out that you don’t win hearts and minds by bombing people. Invading Iraq didn’t make the world safer! John Bolton and the neo-cons that advised Bush are now advising Romney. Niether Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have any military or foreign policy experience. They have performed a disservice to our country by criticizing the President at this time when the world is a volatile place. The president is privileged with information at a high security level. That Romney and Ryan would make inflammatory remarks pretending that they are wiser and know more than the president is inconscionable and irresponsible. They accuse President Obama of being “weak, an appeaser and leading from behind!” This from a president who took out Bin Ladin and 26 of Al Queda’s leaders.

Regarding the Economy

Before the mid-term election John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both stated emphatically that they were for “outsourcing and deregulation.” I was stunned! Why would anyone vote for a party that was “for” outsourcing and deregulation? Deregulation of the banks brought the scions of Wall Street to their knees. They relied on the Federal Government, who they deride on an ongoing basis, to bail them out. Lack of regulation and oversight gave us the BP oil spill where 19 lives were lost, and the Masse mine disaster where 29 miners lost their lives. Financiers and Corporate CEOs put profit ahead of the health and welfare of workers and the environment.

Romney touts his business experience as preparing him to be President. There is a difference between creating wealth and creating jobs! A good part of Romney’s wealth was accrued by outsourcing jobs to other countries. He believes in the “free market” when it comes to housing “let them bottom out!” - the car industry “let them go bankrupt!” But when it came to Wall Street suddenly a government bail-out was okay!

Republicans didn’t complain about the deficit when Bush was President. He started two wars, installed a drug plan for seniors and supplied tax cuts for the rich, none of which was paid for or in the budget.

He dismantled FEMA, which he called “an entitlement program!” When Katrina struck, the federal government was unprepared to assist local government in dealing with the disaster. A thousand people died in that debacle.

I couldn’t believe it. As Isaac lapped at the doors of the Republican convention, Romney could be heard echoing Bush’s words. He announced that he would cut funds to FEMA. That it’s an “entitlement program.” (?)

Presently, Corporate America, Wall Street, and Special Interests control the government. They contribute obscene amounts of money to political campaigns. They pay lobbyists to obtain access to politicians to generate laws and policies that will advance their interests, and they spend millions on PR people who flood the media with lies and misinformation. The effort to make healthcare more affordable and expand access to more Americans has been vilified and misrepresented by those who profit in healthcare as it is.

For the last 30 years, the divide between rich and poor has been growing. Romney hopes to get rid of Unions, cut funding for food stamps and school lunches, “repeal” healthcare, dispose of Planned Parenthood, privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and cut funds for Medicaid. He seeks to limit women’s healthcare choices, including access to contraceptives. (If Romney becomes president, American men will have to get used to sleeping on the couch!) And oh, yes, he will increase tax cuts for the wealthy!

President Obama has fought valiantly for the middle class and those that are struggling to survive, in spite of obstruction he’s met in Congress. He proposed a jobs plan over a year ago which Republicans have not allowed to come to the floor for a vote. According to some experts, the economy could be at seven percent unemployment instead of the eight percent if this plan had been implemented. Mitch McConnell said that the main objective of Republicans should be to see that President Obama should not be re-elected! They don’t want to create jobs or grow the economy. I have a great suggestion for them. Do everything you can to promote jobs and build the economy. You can take credit for it! You know, the way you did during the Clinton administration. Clinton worked with a Republican congress and had a great economy. Republicans are eager to point out that Clinton’s success was to due to them. That’s okay, you do the work, we’ll let you have the credit.

Americans are busy people. The swing voters may say, “The ecnonomy is not good, maybe the other guy can do better!” Our future may be decided by those who are not engaged and who have not “picked up the rock to see the bugs crawling beneath it.” I try to console myself. For four years we have had a President who is not driven by ego, or a desire for wealth and power; who is thoughtful and makes decisions based on facts instead of wishful thinking; who truly desires nothing more than to serve all the people of the United States and do what is best for our country.

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