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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
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CUP approved for hog facility in Beaver Township

Fri, Sep 28th, 2012
Posted in All Government

The Planning Commission at their September 20 meeting sent Jim Koenigs Feedlot CUP request on to the Fillmore County Board. The plans for the hog confinement building to be built in Section 9, Beaver Township, consist of a 392 foot by 51.5 foot building with a concrete pit underneath. It is to be a 2400 head finishing barn.

Anne Koliha, SWCD, who is currently filling in for the county’s feedlot officer, said there is adequate land for manure application. There was no one present to comment for the township.

Steven Boyd, who farms to the east of the proposed confinement building, said Jim should be able to build the building. However, he argued that it would be better for neighboring homeowners if Koenigs put in bio filters to help reduce odor, suggesting it was a simple way to alleviate the problem. His home is 1,900 feet from the planned building. Boyd said his family deserves the right not to be impacted by someone else. He noted there were several building sites within a mile radius and more just outside that radius. His wife said she was extremely concerned about the impact on their quality of life.

Arlynn Hovey, Carimona Township supervisor, said he understood the concern of the Boyds, adding they have a right to their sanctuary.

Duane Bakke said he would like to see the odor offset model. Koliha looked up the information and reported that at 1900 feet, it would be 97 percent annoyance free. The odor offset model was developed by the University of Minnesota. It is required that it be at least 94 percent annoyance free for a nearby dwelling and 99 percent annoyance free for a nearby city. Bakke said there was no legal reason to require bio filters.

Koenigs was asked about manure application. He assured them that all manure would be injected, most often in the fall and occasionally in the spring. There would be no surface application.

The CUP application was approved, with the added requirement that the feedlot rules for the county be attached.

Other Business In Brief

•There was no comment from the public on an amendment to the Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance. The amendment will allow Micro-Wind Energy Conversion Systems to be built with just a permit without the requirement to go through the CUP process. They can be permitted in the Ag District and will be prohibited in R-1 districts. They would have a generating capacity of 1 kW or less and have a supporting tower of 75 feet or less. The amendment was approved.

•There was no public comment on the removal of the city of Ostrander from the Fillmore County Zoning Ordinance. Ostrander now has their own zoning ordinance. The removal of Ostrander was approved.

•There was a short discussion on portable Ag buildings. The current ordinance does not require portable Ag structures to be permitted if they are 160 square feet or less. Bakke noted that some sow shelters are larger. It was decided to draft an amendment to exempt portable Ag structures (on skids) from requiring a permit. The commission approved a motion to have a public hearing on this amendment at the next meeting.

•The next Planning Commission meeting is to be held on October 18. Other items to be on the agenda include the removal of the city of Whalan from the county zoning ordinance, a feedlot application for a dairy, and discussions of mining ordinance drafts for 721 and 736.

Board of Adjustment

Albert Culbertson, city of Whalan, requested a variance to replace a porch on his house as he was remodeling the outside of his home. The road right of way is now 10 feet from the east side of his home. The zoning ordinance requires a 10 foot setback from the property line. County Administrator Chris Graves inspected the property and suggested a variance of up to 6 feet, saying it would not create a hazard.

Culbertson said he wanted to build a 5 foot by 7 foot porch, which would be longer but not wider than the old porch. Graves said the city of Whalan was not opposed to the variance.

There were several comments from the public. Elaine Olson insisted there should be a survey. Graves said they based there measurements off the center of the road right of way. Ernie Johnson argued that the middle of the street was off to the side. Margaret Wolfe, a city council member, suggested the place should be cleaned up first.

Gary Ruskell stated that in theory everything should be surveyed , but that was not practical. The variance was approved.

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