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Saturday, October 1st, 2016
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Road? Facts?

By Andrew Kingsley

Fri, Sep 14th, 2012
Posted in All Commentary

I’m ashamed to admit that when I asked to be taken off the commentary list because my family was moving, I also stopped reading the paper. My wife has still read every one and keeps me updated, but I have inexcusably been too “busy” to take the time. Her summary from this last week’s paper has convinced me that the sideline is for those who wish lazy comfort more than their Freedom. The sideline is from where we decided to allow this country to get to this point. We must engage.

Starting back a few weeks, I would like to address an article that beheld the “virtue of following,” bestowed by one’s father. I know I thank the Great Spirit every day of my life that my father is not a follower. I thank Him for giving me a father that has instilled a fire burning in my belly, that longs for Liberty and despises tyranny. I thank Him for giving me a father that is never afraid to stand up for what he believes in, regardless of its popularity or consequences. For the road to every evil event in human history was paved by those willing to sheepishly “follow.” People like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao counted on people to be followers, for nowhere in the world would the majority of a society individually choose such evils.

I am sorry, but I do not find following to be an honorable thing, rather it is worse than a dangerous thing. America was not built by followers. Freedom is not defended by followers. It is only brave individuals who do great things. And only groups of brave individuals who can do even greater things, as America has shown. Followers belong underneath a king or dictator, since they are satisfied with being told what to do. I rather cherish the words and actions of those like Jesus and our Founders. I subscribe only to great thinkers and brave men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said as I’ve quoted before, “the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral during times of great moral conflict.” Anyone who cannot see our destruction of this Great Nation and Freedom, along with the enslavement of future generations as a “great moral conflict” ought to consider what one would be then?

The first time I ever wrote into the paper was because the delusions of a certain commentator so irritatingly ground against my grain that I could not take it any longer. A while back he accused me of “being in lockstep with….something.” I don’t know because I didn’t read the article, I was only told about it. What I can tell you is that I am many things, some bad, but one thing I am not, is “in lockstep” with anything. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. But since we’re in the business of making blind assumptions now, I’m going to guess that he has never had anything to do with running a business, taking risks, or generating wealth. The same goes for most other liberals’ thinking. For no one who knows how difficult it is and how much work it takes would be so blind as to believe that the wealth generators in this country are the enemy and problem of this country.

If we took all the money from all the “wealthiest” Americans, it would only pay for a few months of our federal government’s spending and only that one time! Wise solution! What would the whiners talking about “paying your fair share” suggest we do then, a few months later? That’s even forgetting the prudent argument of people like Mr. Ruen who speak of those who somehow believe “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine?” And what’s more, most business owners are not rich! I’m so sick of media and liberal government demonizing the only wealth generators we have. My parents own a small business. They each get paid less than any other employee they have and work more hours than anyone I know. Not to mention, they face the fears of no guaranteed paycheck or job at all! They pay far, far more in taxes than what they have ever made in a year. They are burdened by constantly changing/increasing regulations and expenses that only cost them and you, the consumer, more in the end. But dirty, greedy people like them, trying to squeeze out an honest living, are this country’s problem!? I simply ask, what would this country do without them and those like them!? These people lead from the front and it seems all liberals want to do is stab them in the back and rob them.

The problem with liberal thinking is that you can’t even carry out its train of thought honestly. Last week a commentary said something like Mr. Romney has never taken a stand on anything and has changed his mind on every position. Which is it? If he’s never taken a position on anything how could he change it? I personally don’t care for Romney, but is there no intellectual integrity anymore? Another wanted to talk about “facts,” and how the Democrats are the fiscally responsible ones. Here’s a basic one for you, Mr. Obama said George W. Bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic for adding some 4+ trillion dollars to our debt over just 8 years. Bravo, I agree. He then promised to cut the deficit in half but has rather added over five trillion dollars to our debt in just four years. They are both grossly irresponsible and unpatriotic and for many additional reasons. But find those who will openly declare it. Most people have sold themselves to one of the two illegitimate parties and blind themselves to any truth that doesn’t fit in their tiny box.

Here’s another fact to ponder on the abortion beliefs expressed. You have no rights if you’re not first allowed to live! What difference would any other right or entitlement make if you’re not alive to experience it? Your head might be big enough sir, but your thinking cap needs to get a lot bigger. Or the other commentary going off about gun rights crap, again. Do you not understand? Our Second Amendment rights were ensured so forwardly and clearly to guarantee us the right to defend ourselves against any foreign or domestic threat. One of the first and foremost threats as known by our Founders was that of government itself. Tyranny has been one the most common threats to all societies throughout human history, our Founders were not so foolish as to deny it, and today we are reminded why! All of these liberals and most republicans are so ignorant and small-minded because when they see the problems we face they put their blinders on and try to think of ways to blame the “other party.” If they only sought the Truth instead, their arguments might start to make sense and the “parties” would be put in their proper place, extinction.

Does no one understand that nothing we talk about or think about will matter soon enough if we don’t reverse our course and move back toward the Freedom, hence limited government, that permitted our existence and prosperity in the first place!? Don’t fall for it when these deceitful blame mongers accuse Capitalism for our woes, for it is our very departure from it in the latter Clinton years and all of Bush’s years that even permitted someone so socialist as Obama to achieve such destruction as we’ve seen. Don’t waste time asking yourselves if you’re better off than you were four years ago. Look at our path and its downward trajectory, across party lines, since the latter nineties. Look at our debt, our aging demographics and declining work force, lack of work ethic in exchange for a college “education,” increasing entitlements, spineless foreign policy, and what we are taking for ourselves from future generations. It seems the only question left to ask yourself is, “will we make it another four years?” Do our actions deserve another four years?

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