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Thursday, December 8th, 2016
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Letter about the election

Fri, Sep 14th, 2012
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To the Editor,

What we must do as voters is evaluate the candidates for their leadership qualities and how well they reflect our personal values and our own vision for the country. Our own values aren’t so hard, but how do we judge someone on leadership qualities?


1] “Have acquired a high level of knowledge in their chosen field through both education and experience. They know how to achieve positive results because they have worked at a number of levels in that field.”

President Obama served as a community organizer and a short-term Senator. Romney has a long and successful career in both business and politics.

2] “ Make timely decisions on important policy matters without undue delay.”

President Obama waited weeks to decide on a course of action regarding troop levels in Afghanistan while our soldiers there were in peril of their lives. Romney has experience in evaluating problems and making decisions in a timely manner, as any good leader must.

3] “Surround themselves with experienced, capable subordinates who are skilled and practical in their field of endeavor.”

President Obama selected his cabinet from a group of people with whom he was familiar. All of us would do that. His choices were mostly former government employees with less than 10 percent having been previously employed in the private sector. The results have been disastrous for jobs and businesses.

Romney has strong ties to business and it is reasonable to expect that experienced business people would be chosen for those cabinet posts affecting business and jobs in America.

4] “Quickly admit a mistake and act to mitigate any unfavorable consequences”

President Obama has been very consistent in failing to acknowledge a mistake, whether it was his opposition to the very effective troop surge in Iraq or the tragic involvement of his administration in the failed “FAST AND FURIOUS” gun smuggling operation..

5] “Take responsibility and refuse to make excuses.”

A good leader never wastes time blaming others or finger pointing. A good leader digs in and fixes things because his job is to perform and fulfill his responsibilities.

Apply this leadership yardstick to the candidates along with an evaluation of your personal values. Then PLEASE VOTE. Thank you,

Jeff Erding

Wykoff, MN

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