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Monday, September 26th, 2016
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Lanesboro discusses storm sewer

Fri, Sep 14th, 2012
Posted in Lanesboro Government

Dillon Dombrovski of Yaggy Colby and Associates was at the Lanesboro City Council meeting on September 10 to discuss a few different issues. There was discussion about the storm sewer line that goes under the Riverside on the Root restaurant. At a previous meeting the council had decided to look into the cost of lining the pipes versus the cost of rerouting the lines to go a different way and bypass the restaurant.

Dombrovski said the quote for lining the pipes was $43,000. The cost of rerouting the line is $51,000. That cost does not include the price of surveying, which could be an additional $2,500-$3,000.

Dombrovski added that the state is not willing to help out with the cost, as there is little drainage from the state highway going into those lines.

Council member Joe O’Connor was taking the place of Mayor Steve Rahn, who was absent. He noted that he doesn’t normally like to spend an extra $12,000, but it might be a better long-term approach. New sewer lines could last 50-75 years, according to Dombrovski, but lining would not last as long.

There was a question about using assessments to help pay for the cost. City Attorney Tom Manion said they could argue that rerouting would benefit the property, as they would be plugging up and closing the storm sewer line under the restaurant. O’Connor said they have already set a precedent for assessing storm sewer.

The council approved going ahead with a feasibility study on the project. Dombrovski said this would be a spring project, as they will have to have a public hearing and go through all the necessary steps in the assessment policy. They will also have to get approval for the project from MNDot and the DNR.

There was also some discussion about the campground street. Dombrovski said he met with Andy Drake about the road improvements needed there, and they looked at the community center parking lot as well.

O’Connor was hesitant about going forward with any project there, as he felt the cost would be too high. Council member Ceil Allen said, “It is a problem and it needs to be dealt with at some time, but there are a lot of others. We need to prioritize.”

The council approved the payment for the storm sewer repair. The city part of the cost was $2,250 to Blitz Construction.

Street Vacation

Rick and Cheryl Lamon have requested the city vacate a portion of Beacon Street East. Cheryl explained they will be bringing in a duplex building and remodeling it, and need to allow access to the basement on the north side and access to the upper level on the south side.

A public hearing was set for October 1 at 5:30 p.m. Everyone who lives in the neighborhood will be notified of the request and of the hearing.

Vickerman explained the Lamons had requested a building permit and were told they needed to have the city vacate part of the street first. The city approved the resolution to go ahead with the public hearing.

2013 Budget and Levy

The preliminary budget and levy were approved for 2013. The preliminary levy was set at $452,700, which is an increase of four percent from 2012. The final levy will be set at the December meeting.

Bathhouse Grant

The city council approved a resolution to allow Vickerman to apply for a Park Legacy grant that will allow the city to build a new bathhouse in the park that is handicapped accessible. According to Vickerman, Lanesboro qualifies for the grant, and it is worth pursuing. It is a 100 percent grant, but they get extra points if the city participates in some of the cost. It was approved to pay $5,000 toward the project if they get the grant.

Garbage Issues

Vickerman explained there was a disagreement about who was paying for what garbage in the downtown area, and so she and Mayor Rahn moved the dumpster to a temporary location near the coffee street bridge until things cooled down. She then informed the council they would be moving it to a permanent spot behind the fire hall.

Other Business

The council received a sample river glass ordinance and will look it over before the next meeting.

A salary increase was approved for City Clerk Michelle Vrieze after completing her first year.

It was approved to appoint Tony Semmen to the fire department to replace a member that moved out of range.

A liquor license was approved for the League of MN Cities Regional meeting, which will be in Lanesboro on October 3. The fire department’s Steak Fry was also approved.

The annual contract with SEMCAC for energy assistance was approved with no changes from last year.

The city will be researching the piano at the community center to see if there is any value in selling it as it is not being used.

The office hour change will remain permanent, as they have worked well. The city office is open from 8-12, 12:30-3, and there are appointments available after that.

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