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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Letter about gun control

Fri, Aug 24th, 2012
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To the Editor,

It very apparent to me that Yvonne Nyenhuis and others of her thinking have never read or have forgotten history. Let me refresh their memory. Let’s look no farther back than the 2nd World war; what did Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin do when they first took over their countries Government? Well, history tells me that they confiscated all of the firearms of the people. We know what happened next; the people were forced into actions they didn’t want to happen. Children were indoctrinated into Hitler’s training camps and brought up in the knowledge that he wanted them to believe. He wanted to control their minds and bodies. These same scenarios happened in Italy and Russia.

Our forefathers were much smarter than some of our traditional people of this day and age as they came out of a revolution and knew what could happen if we the people were disarmed. Ms. Nyenhuis thinks that taking away only guns that were meant for war is the answer. She better look at history again and look at our courts and the laws that they are making. Courts are for enforcing the law; now writing the law but look at some of their actions.

Again; Ms. Nyenhuis, leave our gun rights alone or in the near future you might be wishing you and your family were not being robbed of their inalienable rights because of losing the 2nd amendment rights because of shallow thinking on the part some of the population.

The safest country in the world is Switzerland and know what? They demand that every male shall own and maintain a firearm. They were the safest nation during the wars as well as now.

I hope I didn’t teach firearms Safety for the State of Minnesota for 52 years for nothing.

Points to Ponder:

How many criminals will turn in their firearms?

How many citizens will be branded criminals for not turning in their firearms, especially the ones who have just recently purchased firearms for protection from criminals and also our demanding government?

Think about it.

Rod Skare

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