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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Steuart Labs in Mabel turns 30 this year

Fri, Aug 24th, 2012
Posted in Mabel Features

Gary Steuart with some of the products he sells out of his location in Mabel. Photo by Jade Sexton

Gary Steuart started his business thirty years ago in Preston. He later moved to Harmony, and as the company grew, he moved to Mabel in 2001. Steuart Labs now has three locations in the downtown area.

The first product Steuart created was a pain cream for racehorses that had been injured or had sore muscles or joints. He quickly figured out it worked just as well on humans, and reformulated it for that purpose. The pain cream is now the biggest seller of Steuart Labs.

“It’s really good on joints like hips and knees,” shared Steuart. “It’s also good for neuropathy, back and neck pain. It doesn’t fix these problems, but it’s an anti-inflammatory. A lot of pain comes from inflammation.”

The formula for the pain cream is simple and natural; there are no steroids or antibiotics. One of the main ingredients is comfrey, which is recognized for its healing properties. It can be reapplied as often as needed, and there are no side effects. Many people have used this product with great results, and continue to buy it for their pain.

Steuart also came up with a great product for healing sore, painful, and swollen udders. Local dairy farmers have found that nothing else works like Steuart’s Udder Heal to help heal painful sores that otherwise would affect the health of the cow and the production of milk.

Steuart said the company has undergone many changes in the last five years. They used to sell diagnostic ultrasound machines to farmers and vets, but they got out of that in 2008. From there, Steuart and his employees had to come up with a new plan. They knew the pain formula was a wonderful thing, but not everyone knew about it. So they started going door to door to dairy farms telling about their products and giving out samples.

“It took about 14 months to build things back up,” said Steuart. “But things began to take off. It was really dramatic.”

Farmers are not the only people that buy his products. Veterinarians are also repeat customers. Steuart said it helped to have farmers recommend the products to the vets instead of just him trying to sell to them.

Right now there are nine employees that work at Steuart Labs. They make about half of their sales through the website, and sell to people all over the world. Steuart has received countless testimonials from people who once suffered from chronic pain who are able to live normal lives once again, thanks to his pain formula.

Steuart also went to farms and took pictures of the udders of cows being treated with the Udder Heal. The striking difference between the before and after photos are a true testament to what the cream can do for the cows. Many of them had suffered from frostbite and had sores that nothing else could heal.

“It kills the infection, and it stimulates healing,” explained Steuart.

Other products made at the lab are lotions, foot creams, wound cream, and derma heal. There are also more skin products for animals. Over the years, Steuart said they have worked on some of the products to improve them, and have tried working with new natural ingredients. One thing he has recently begun working with is propylis, which is a bee “glue” that comes from their hives. According to Steuart it has antibacterial properties that stimulate healing really well.

“I have never had a complaint about any adverse effects,” Steuart said of his products. He said they work most of the time, for most people, but not for everyone.

Recently, Steuart purchased the building that used to be the grocery store in Mabel to fit his growing needs for space. They also sell meat for another company, and it is stored in freezers in that building. They also manufacture powdered feed and electrolytes for calves there. In another building in town, there is extensive remodeling that is being done for a new lab where lotions and creams will be made.

The goal of the future is to keep growing and keep sharing the products with the world so others can receive the benefits of all-natural pain relief without harsh chemicals and without prescription medication.

“If you’re moving, you stumble upon things,” said Steuart. “That’s how this business has worked.”


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11:47:12, Aug 26th 2012

tom jarland says:
congrats Gary keep up the good work. I know from experiance how good your products are !!!!

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