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Friday, September 30th, 2016
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Letter about wolf season

Mon, Jun 18th, 2012
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To the Editor,

Before long a wolf hunting/trapping season, which was quickly and quietly enacted by our legislature, will be a reality in Minnesota. In a process devised by the DNR, public comment on the issue is being taken from May 21 to June 20, but by computer only. To comment, google the DNR website: and then type “wolf management” into the search bar. A short survey must be completed and then, and only then, can a comment be made. Publicity for this process has been sorely lacking. I only found out about it by calling DNR headquarters a couple of days ago. Otherwise I’d have provided this information sooner.

Here in southern MN we don’t tend to encounter wolves, but the matter shouldn’t be decided without our input, because animal welfare is everybody’s business.

Regardless of our attitudes toward wolves, we can agree that there is no point in causing them excess fear, stress and pain. Wolves are generally trapped in leg/foothold steel jaw traps that painfully clamp the wolf until a trapper kills it. Trappers are only required to check traps once every 24 hours. It’s time to end this brutal practice and the public comment period is our opportunity to advocate for its abolishment.

Although we can not stop the wolf season, please let your voice be heard on the important issue of keeping traps out of it. There are pictures of leg/foothold traps at: for those who’ve never seen one.


Lynne Farmer,

Rushford MN

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