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Letter about City of Rushford

Tue, Aug 14th, 2012
Posted in Rushford Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Open Letter to Rushford from City of Rushford Councilperson Vern Bunke:

Because of work related travel, I missed the May 29th Council meeting and will also miss the June 11th meeting. I hate not attending because important decisions are being made. After being updated by the Administrator on the Library/City Hall projects, I have determined that I cannot support borrowing additional money for these projects as proposed

20 months ago, the Librarian and Library Board committed to the City Council that they would ask for ZERO ‘additional’ funding from the city. They would raise all the money needed for a new/refurbished building. At that point, the city had paid for two architectural studies and the initial failed fundraiser. Now, I am inclined to take them at their word. They can raise all the money they need, on their own.  I think this is their accountability and responsibility to the City.  I have stated that I am willing to support the use of unallocated FEMA (Community Center) funds for Library improvements.

Additionally, the Muni-to-City Hall conversion seems too extravagant. I can see that it would be very nice by the conceptual drawing. However, I do not want to be associated with a million dollar City Hall when there are folks that lost homes, businesses and jobs. Folks that now face mortgages, rising utility fees and taxes, etc. Is there a way to adapt that building without having to borrow/pay interest on $200,000? We must demonstrate to the public (taxpayers and others in the greater community) that we are doing more than just taxing and spending their money.  My gut tells me that we have not thoroughly explored all options.  We are doing expedient things, not the best or right thing, for the taxpayers. 

If you agree, let your Councilperson know.

Vern Bunke

Rushford, MN

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