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Art becomes a ‘super power’ for Preston

Fri, Aug 10th, 2012
Posted in Preston Features

Sam Gibson as Wonder Woman and Mitch Gibson as Captain America, superheroes and children of Sally Gibson, stand out in front of Sally’s Hair To Dye For in downtown Preston.

Sally Gibson’s artistic talents serve the community in many ways. She’s crafty with a pair of scissors or a paint-filled brush!

In the past several years, she has taken her artistic talents to the streets of Preston, presenting an interactive experience for locals and tourists. Always trying to add a picture-perfect moment for Trout Days, she has life-size, hand-crafted, wooden cut-outs.

Sally’s most recent creation stands watch out in front of her shop, Sally’s Hair To Dye For, at 100 Main Street SW in Preston. You can become Wonder Woman or Captain America in as quick as it takes to press the button on a digital camera.

A lot of people probably wonder how these two super heroes landed on Main Street in front Sally’s hair salon. Well, this year’s post-prom party, as with every year in the past, the parents of the junior class were responsible for putting together the post-prom party for the seniors attending prom. This year’s theme was “Super Heroes,” which is how Wonder Woman and Captain America arrived at Sally’s doorstep.

She served on the post-prom decorating committee with other parents, and she offered to put her artistic talents to use with the creation of this cut-out. Sally says she really doesn’t get a chance to do this type of artwork on a regular basis, so it becomes a good outlet for her.

Since the post-prom party and associated events took place in May 2012, the timing was perfect to put this cut-out on the streets of Preston for the rest of the locals and tourists to enjoy during the Trout Days celebration.

On any day of the week or weekend, you’ll see people snapping shots of friends and family poking their heads through the two available holes.

In 2011, Sally put together a cut-out for the Preston Fire Department that replicated a fire station for kids and parents to get their picture taken during Trout Days. What’s amazing is how she takes the artwork from paper to a life-sized structure. She skillfully cuts the silhouette along with all of the holes with her saw and then paints with such attention to detail. Seriously, check out the super heroes on Sally’s doorstep.

Sally’s artistic talents are shared throughout her family. Here father and mother, Jim and Lorry Patterson, are both very artistic. And, her sister, Julie Patterson is also very talented, working as a graphic artist.

And, the artistic talent doesn’t stop there. Sally’s son, Mitch, who graduates from Fillmore Central High School in 2013, is also a very talented artist with sketch art and graphic art. Sam Gibson, Sally’s daughter, who graduates from St. Mary’s University in Winona in 2013, is extremely talented with her background in musical theater.

While Sally was simply sharing her artistic talents for the benefit of the Fillmore Central High School post-prom party, her work has become a hot spot in the city of Preston. People passing by can’t help but to stop and get a snapshot. I guess you might say that Sally’s artistic contribution to Preston makes all of us look like super heroes!

Thanks Sally.

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