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Thursday, September 29th, 2016
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Another look at unemployment numbers

By Col. Stan Gudmundson

Mon, May 28th, 2012
Posted in All Commentary

I’m getting to be a little more nostalgic as I get older. I look back at the old days and think that maybe, just maybe, things were better then. Some of you might remember them as well.

Do you remember when the left was thoroughly enthusiastic about Bush, Jr.’s economic policies when the US had an unemployment rate that was less than five percent? No, I don’t remember that either, but I do recall a whole lot of lefty condemnation about a “jobless recovery.” And today the left, along with the lamescream media, are drooling over an April unemployment rate “dropping to 8.1 percent” as defined by some pretty spectacular numbers fudging by the US government. Gallup shows it to be 9.1 percent.

8.1 percent? How did the statisticians do that, since there were only 115,000 new jobs created last month. Easy, just erase 324,000 other people off the books and say “they are no longer looking.” And magically, the unemployment rate “drops.” Maryland economist Peter Morici says that, “four-fifths of the reduction in unemployment has been accomplished by...dropping (the) adult force participation rate.” Mark Twain, I believe, said there were lies, damned lies, and statistics. Well, we’ve dropped the bottom even further down in that sequence - government data.

Do you remember when our Supreme Court justices believed in the constitution and ruled accordingly? Nah, I don’t remember that far back either. But at least they used to give it lip service. They don’t even do that anymore.

Justice Ginsburg recently told Egyptians that she wouldn’t recommend that any country adopt the US constitution as a template because she thinks it is outdated. She says South Africa’s is one that is better. Some justices have also said that the court needs to look at jurisprudence beyond our shores. Such as the Muslim law of Sharia perhaps? Remember when justices actually believed in the oath they swore before taking office. Something about defending the constitution, I believe.

Remember when you could afford to put gas in the car and go out for a little Sunday drive? I liked those days, but today gas is pretty expensive even if it has gone down a little. Since January of 2009, the price of gas has more than doubled. At the end of this month I’m going fly out to California and will drive back here to Minnesota. Fuel alone will cost $600 or more.

Remember when fuel prices spiked during Bush Jr’s administration and the left said it was Bush’s fault? Along with VP Cheney who conspired with Haliburton to fleece the American people? In those days, a study reports, the mainstream press was writing critical articles about fuel price increases at a ratio of 15 to 1 compared to today. Odd, huh?

But now we discover presidents can’t do anything about oil prices, except for Obama to declare that he will do everything in his power to lower them. So far doing everything in his power means stopping a pipe line from Canada, preventing further drilling on publicly owned land, not allowing drilling in ANWAR, a miserable and forlorn place if there ever was one, and, in spite of a court order holding the administration in contempt, essentially disabling oil production and exploration in the Gulf Mexico.

He has also said we can’t drill our way out of this? I guess I have to ask, why not? We’ve discovered we have as much petroleum as Saudi Arabia, and when our other carbon resources are included in the total, we are the world’s carbon reservoir. Why aren’t we producing enough to not only be energy independent, but enough to export significant quantities? Afterall, we’re going to need some sort of revenue beyond what we now produce if we are to pay for all of the unsustainable programs and debt this administration has and will run up? Or are we going to stop all of that and turn America into one giant bankrupt national park? If this is how Obama helps us, what would he do if he was actually trying not to help?

Remember when Bush, Jr. was running up our debt and the left was calling it “unpatriotic?” Those were the days. The days when it sometimes took a full year for Bush et al to create a deficit that Obama could do in a month. However, a pox on both your houses for that methinks.

Remember when presidents were somewhat civil? I like the soothing tones of Obama who said about his political opponents, we need to “punish our enemies,” advised his supporters to “(get) in their faces,” gave Hillary the middle finger, and said “his grandmother was a typical white person.” Ah yes, civility as practiced by the left.

And when presidents left office, they went home, wrote their memoirs and left everyone alone? That is until we got that nasty little Georgian Carter and then the reprobate Clinton.

Remember when our country left the business of distributing wealth pretty much to the marketplace? But Obama said that he believed in spreading the wealth around. So how is that working? As a consequence, are you and I and everyone else better off with this redistribution business? A recent poll revealed that 80 percent of Americans don’t think we are.

Given the increasingly horrendous national debt, unemployment rate, lack of economic growth, growth in numbers of people on food stamps, foreclosure rates and housing market collapse, and on and on, one can only conclude that the only redistribution Obama is good at is spreading misery.

Obama said he believes that the US needs fundamental change and he was going to do it. But how do you force fundamental change and not destroy? You can’t. Maybe Obama didn’t mean redistribution. Perhaps he meant retribution.

People who think they are smart enough to be our self-anointed gurus also apparently believe we are not capable of handling our own affairs. They treat us as if we are lab rats to be experimented with. And most on the left think that is perfectly fine.

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