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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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One Moment Please... Our readers, near and far

Mon, May 21st, 2012
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For the past month or so, on a daily basis, I have had readers of the Journal ask me why they are getting the paper on Saturdays now instead of Mondays.

Well, guess what, we haven’t changed anything on our end. Instead, a mandate from the top, the Postmaster General I would imagine, stated that all mail coming in to each USPS location needs to go out immediately. So, if you live in Preston, Harmony, Fountain, Wykoff or Fountain, I am pretty sure you are receiving your Journal on Saturdays. There may be other communities also receiving their newspapers on Saturdays, but the aforementioned communities are the ones that I am aware.

It’s a little odd to me, because the date on our newspaper is a Monday date and readers are receiving the newspaper two days in advance. I had one reader thank me for predicting the future and providing them with pre-dated information.

Feel free to forward those “thank you” cards to the USPS.

Are these for real?

Below you will find two pictures that I received via text directly to my cell phone. As far as I can tell, these are for real.

I contacted a Minnesota DNR Wildlife Management representative for our region and received no response regarding these two photos.

The one on the left is Mitch Albrecht, sporting a 38-inch northeran that he caught a couple weeks ago in the Root River down by Fillmore with an eight pound test line. That had to feel like one heck of a trout on his fishing line.

So, the questions are: how did that northern get in the Root River? Was it transported to the Root River by man, or did it swim upstream from the Mississippi?

Everyone should be happy to know that Mitch released the big fish back into the Root River. I am sure the remaining smaller fish (a.k.a. “lunch”) in the foodchain were not happy to see this big northern back in their waterways.

Ok, so the picture on the right is a photo taken by an Amish man with the camera on his cell phone while driving his buggy on Highway 52 near Canton.

This picture was taken on the evening of Monday, May 14, catching a glimpse of a bear crossing the highway.

There were reports of bear sightings in Northeast Iowa over the past week, so this seems very likely that a bear could have made its way through the Canton area.

I haven’t heard any reports of missing cats or dogs from the Canton area, but I would imagine this burly bear is going to get hungry at some point. To all of our readers, please keep your cell phones handy for wildlife paparazzi moments.

You can send them my way via text, e-mail, or simply stop by the Journal office. Thank you!

All the way from New Jersey

I received the following e-mail this past week, which I felt would be of interest to our readers.


Hello Mr. Sethre,

Recently did some ebay business with a resident of Fillmore County and inside of the package was a copy of The Fillmore County Journal (missing pages 6 to 31) and as I always do when I get the opportunity to read newspapers inside packages I receive I read the partial copy of the Journal.

I read with great interest your article “One Moment Please”, also the commentary by Mr. Andrew Kingsley. I won’t comment on them other to say you both make very good ‘points’, I sorta wish I had the missing pages to look at.

Now you say FCJ has reached twelve thousand and one.

Robert ‘Bob’ Brooks

New Jersey


When I say “Our readers, near and far,” I’m not kidding.

Now, I’ve heard of our newspaper gaining a few extra miles beyond the reading experience. I am sure my face has been plastered with a few thousand bird droppings at the bottom of a bird cage. And, I’m sure our newspaper has helped to ignite a few camp fires over the years. But, I completely forgot about the Journal being used in the packing and shipping process.

I have mailed Bob Brooks a copy of the May 7th Journal he requested, and he will receive a copy of this issue, as well, so he can see “the rest of the story.”

Thanks to our readers, near and far.

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