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Friday, December 9th, 2016
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The Working Mom

By Tammy Danielson

Mon, May 14th, 2012
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Happy Mother’s Day


Well, the dishes are done, laundry is still going, bills are paid, cleaned the stove, and it is now time at 11:00 p.m. to write my article and think of how I can dedicate this article to my mom and all of the great moms out there.

I assume some of the moms reading this article right now might be tuckered after a long day but still trying to squeeze in a few more household chores before going to bed. To all of you, I raise my hand for a big high five…you are awesome! You are inspiring, strong and giving mothers… and probably the organizing queen that keeps the family schedule chugging along.

I am sure that your list of Super Mom characteristics could fill the universe. So, as I worked in my office today, the inspiration for this article was glaring at me from the bulletin board.

Written in pencil with some of the wrong letters capitalized and some of them misspelled, was a worn piece of paper written by my son when he was eight-years-old that listed the “Top Ten Reasons I Love My Mom.” When he brought that list home, I remember asking if he thought of all of those reasons by himself.

He shared that the teacher wrote ideas on the board but he thought of ONE of the reasons all by himself. That reason turned out to my favorite …”She is Kickin’ Fun!” it said. 1) Makes me wonder if my new teenager would have written the same list? 2) Makes me hope that his list will always be as long as the one from third grade and 3) Makes me pray that he will always HAVE a list. The job of parenting gets so crazy at times with always trying to teach children what is right and wrong and to have strong values that we have to remember their minds are creating memory lists each day.

Is my mom fun? Does she ask and value my opinion? Can I talk to my mom? It has been so difficult over the years to extract any school information from my son so I instead started asking him, “What was the funniest thing that happened today?”

I love that he will now come home and want to tell me something funny from school before I even ask, which then morphs into the schoolwork and grades conversation or “boring stuff” as he says.

Many of my favorite memories are of sitting with my mom at our kitchen table and filling her in on my day at school and, after moving out of the house, returning home for the weekend and having those same talks—of course those conversations after age 21 were a bit juicier (ha!).

So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you great moms out there…I hope your Top Reasons list is very long for many years to come. Watch for my next column on June 18th to see the winning recipe from the recent Working Mom Hotdish contest. With Rhubarb springing up all over, try this switch on the standard cake:

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