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Letter about government spending

Mon, May 7th, 2012
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Letter about government spending

To the Editor,

Well, lucky us, we’re turning into Pothole Nation. Government employment and spending on goods and services are all in steep decline. We could keep teachers, firefighters, police, and infrastructure workers helping us, but no, instead we pay them unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, and all to do nothing. Of course we can foreclose on some of their homes while we’re at it. Interest rates are at all time lows and employees available at reasonable rates. This would be a tremendous bargain for taxpayers, but ignorance rules the day.

While feckless Democrats offer little, the true stab in the back to our nation comes from the Republicans. The Republicans have made it clear that their main goal is to retake the White House and what better way than to sabotage our economy? The Republicans will not allow the spending we need to reverse poverty and homelessness. The Republicans will not allow a rise in taxes on the wealthy even though their tax rates are at all-time lows. In short, the Republican leadership has chosen a cruel path in their quest for more power for themselves and their rich benefactors. A return to progressive taxation would be a good first step to reverse the insidious worship of money and power that is hollowing out the soul of America.

Greg Rendahl

Ostrander, MN

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