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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
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The problem with solutions

By Andrew Kingsley

Mon, May 7th, 2012
Posted in All Commentary

All problems began at some point and have some reason for continuing to exist. When we recognize the source(s) of our problems, that is where solutions can be found. It seems our problem with those solutions is that they usually aren’t what we want to hear.

The Truth is the Truth, whether we recognize it or not. To ignore or deny it changes nothing, other than to make us ignorant. You may believe gravity doesn’t exist with all your heart, but that won’t keep you from falling when you jump from the top of a tree. Being that we can’t change the Truth, why would we not choose to know what It is? Without It, we could be idiots and just too dumb to see it. I’ve been scared of that my whole life.

But honestly, why run from the answers? Nature always checks herself in the end. Sometimes we prevent it from happening temporarily, but that is only how long the Laws of Nature can be bound. The most ironic part is that the consequences always come, whether we choose them by choice or inaction. Who out there is too foolish to recognize that we have a serious problem with out-of-control government? It has just become too big for the people to balance or limit any more. Along with its growing size always follows the massive bureaucracy and budgets, followed by increasingly power hungry, greedy politicians with the special interests, big corporations, and lobbyists looking to cash-in, followed by the inevitable corruption caused by the conflicts of interest of those voracious souls mixing personal gains with the “public good”… in good for themselves with the public’s goods.

What is the solution? All of our problems within our control today are the result of massive, corrupt government. All the endless dependencies on the government they cause to ensure their lasting power, the illusion of choices with the republicans and democrats, and the destruction of our currency for their gains now and even greater gains when it collapses and we’re left with even more need for help; right where they want us…needing them. Where else could such a senseless and freedom-depriving power ever be derived than from government making its people “need” it more and more?

Take Minnesota’s government as a tiny example. The democrats and republicans give us real choices here. Any and all solutions from the democrats require increasing government and its role. Yeah, that makes sense, solve the problem by making it bigger. And those dirty, government cutting, tax cutting, human/environment-hating republicans offer a great alternative. People like Representative Davids and Senator Miller insult even the most mild intelligence by bragging about balancing the budget without raising your taxes. They don’t mention that under their control Minnesota had its biggest spending budget in history last year, nor do they mention that all of our property taxes went up directly because of them. That’s just the kind of hugely contrasting choices a society needs to solve its problems.

On the national level, we’ve got President Obama and the democrats campaigning about things like “paying your fair share” with the Buffet Rule. It would raise some 5 billion dollars a year over the next ten years. That will solve some serious problems. I mean, we only add almost 4 billion dollars a day to the debt and we only spend several thousands of billions of dollars a year, so that annual 5 billion dollars in increased taxes will do a lot for us. That’s just the kind of contrast to the government/spending loving republicans I was hoping for.

The problem isn’t republicans or democrats. But if either the “Christian” republicans or the “humanitarian” democrats were willing to practice what they preach, they’d still be doing the exact same things as each other, but the opposite of what they’re doing right now! They’d be helping those in need instead of expecting government to take care of it, in their highly efficient ways. They’d be freeing people from their dependency and slavery to government by helping them be independent. They’d be shrinking government dramatically and quickly to root out the greedy and corrupt “rigged game” economy caused by it so that we might save our nation for future generations. The problem is that the republicans and democrats make sure to monopolize the power in government, that we may not have the choices listed above as an option from either of them, for it would threaten the very power they so cherish.

The solution will not be found it government. Who among us would be so imprudent to trust government any longer and who so selfish as to trade their own temporary comfort for our children’s future? The solution can only be found in you. They cannot control you without your permission or your dependency on them. They have nothing without you. Just as our money has no value without our confidence, so too is their power built on a house of cards. And when our monetary system is crushed by their inflicted inflation, they too may come to know that consequences always find us, even when we fight to delay them.The longer we stave-off reality, the harder it will check us. The problem with our solutions is that our actions have made all of them painful.

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