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Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
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Letter in response to letter about abortion...

Mon, Apr 30th, 2012
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To the Editor,

I respectfully wish to say that all persons have a right to their opinions. I would like to respectfully disagree with Ms. Nyenhuis letter regarding abortion. I would have never done this in years past but I am concerned about the path of our “choices in my different areas.”

First, Ms. Nyenhuis, makes the argument that jobs and the economy are all people are worried about. I worry about the path our country is taking in many areas and especially morally. Pro-life, pro-choice, there are many advocates on both sides of the issue. Taking a human life is wrong. The innocent baby is the one who suffers most, and in abortion with life itself.

In one of Ms. Nyenhuis statements she said, “The difference between pro-life and pro-choice positions is how best to deal with the dilemma.” One simple question: is a human life, an innocent life, a dilemma?

They have taken God from our schools, there are those that wish to take God from our government and sometimes we are even being threatened in our religious beliefs. Life is important and the miracle of life is important to me!!!


Margaret Miller,

Mabel, MN


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11:17:17, Aug 25th 2012

Kelsey says:
Ms. Miller, in regards to your disappointment of God being taken out of schools, I was not aware of this happening. Kids are allowed to speak of their god(s) in school as I am allowed to and you are allowed to in your response. Additionally, God was never really "in" school in the first place, or maybe I am misunderstanding you.
In all fairness, I think religion should be left out of government. There is this wonderful concept of separation of church and state, which needs to be upheld. You are free to practice your religion and have faith in any deities you wish, but that deity should play no role in public policy, because not everyone believes in your deity.

Kelsey Sauer