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Letter about compromise with Iran

Mon, Apr 30th, 2012
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To the Editor,

American hawks called for military intervention during the run-up to China’s first nuclear test in 1964. Luckily rationalists prevailed and diplomacy gave birth to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in 1968 under which 184 countries have voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons because the five nuclear nations promised in Article VI to eventually get rid of theirs.

In 1993 Bill Clinton went to the brink of a disarmament war with North Korea to prevent proliferation. Only the wise and courageous trip by Jimmy Carter to NK and his diplomatic negotiation effort brokered a deal in the final moment and prevented war.

When the US strayed from the prior successes of diplomacy to prevent proliferation and invaded Iraq in 2003, we learned, through the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), that Iraq had no weapons of mass destuction (WMD). The alleged threat from Iraq’s WMD was at bestplain wrong or at worst propaganda.

Only diplomacy and cooperation with the IAEA and negotiation mediated by the United Nations can prevent proliferation. Part of any successful negotiated

compromise with Iran and NK has to be evidence that the major nuclear powers are moving toward a comprehensive treaty to eliminate all nuclear weapons and moves to establish a nuclear-free Middle East and East Asia.

Send a postcard to Pres. Obama, The White House, Wash. DC 20500 and Sec’y of State Clinton, The State Dept., Wash. DC 20520 and demand a negoiated compromise with Iran and NK; and say that a policy of containment is better than war which would be the worst outcome.

Robert K Johnson

Harmony, MN

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