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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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More Notes from a Country Kitchen

By Vicki Christianson

Mon, Mar 26th, 2012
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It’s time to think Easter Bunny! I remember that each of us kids had a wicker basket that we would set out on Saturday night in hopes that the Easter bunny would drop off something good. We hoped for those chocolate bunnies (that were hollow in the inside) and lots of jelly beans. When it comes to jelly beans I love the black ones!! I know, I’m weird. But black is the only color worth eating as far as I am concerned. I had no trouble collecting the black beans from my brothers and sisters. They couldn’t wait to get rid of those! One time the Easter bunny dropped off some of those colored foamy like/sugary “peeps.” Yuk! How anyone can even eat one of those things is beyond me! I have a co-worker, Sue, who thinks “peeps” are the greatest thing in the world! After Easter when the stores mark those “peeps” way down in price (cause nobody bothered to buy any during Easter) I pick some up for Sue just to see the pleasure on her face when she sinks her teeth into one! She doesn’t care if they are yellow or green or pink or whatever – she just enjoys eating them!

I remember that once in a while mom would let us dye eggs. Sometimes she would hard boil them first and sometimes she would poke a hole in the bottom of the egg, blow out the insides, and then let us color them. Only us girls could dye the fragile ones, as the boys got a little rough with the eggs and usually ended up smashing them. We would put all the eggs in an old basket that mom had and then set the basket in the middle of the dining room table for everyone to see and admire. Easter would come and go and eventually someone would remember to throw out the colored eggs before the smell got too bad.

I think the best part of Easter was getting a new dress for Sunday church! Easter was also the first time we could bring out our white patent leather shoes too. You never wore white after Labor Day or before Easter! Mom would get a new hat and us girls would get little hats that sat on our heads and were held on with a stretch string that went below our chin. Sometimes Karen and I got “head bands.” They were hard plastic, sharp-toothed bands that were decorated with dried flowers and strings. They clamped right onto your head. If they were too small or too tight they tended to pop off our heads during church. And if you weren’t careful they broke into many pieces. They weren’t the easiest thing to keep on. But I sure looked cute!!

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