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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
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Journal Writing Project No Escape

By Katie Wolter

Mon, Mar 5th, 2012
Posted in All Journal Student Writing Project

I wasn’t fast enough. All those years of running track, and they were still gaining on me. To be honest, it was an unfair chase. They had titanium steel legs, and I had only my human legs. The year was 2102. They called themselves the Control. Since the discovery of the titanius injection in 2100, they could turn any human body part or the whole body into titanium steel. With this power, they controlled everything.

The discovery of the titanius injection was good and bad. There was no disease. An injection to any diseased organ, and it was healed. An injection of titanius into one part of your body was okay, but injecting it into your bloodstream is disastrous. You feel great for the first couple of days, completely normal. After a while though, you forget your name. Then you forget your friends and family. Soon you have lost all your memories and your ability to think for yourself and to feel emotions and pain. You become nothing but a steel frame and your only thoughts are to serve the Control. The Control believed that they should be the only ones to think and feel. Everyone else should be a steel frame doing whatever the Control told them to do.

The people didn’t understand the total effect of the titanius injection. They all lined up when the Control offered it to the people. Before you knew it, half of the world was mindless minions doing whatever the Control wanted. The other half, when they realized what was happening and refused the injection, was murdered for rebellion. The few rebels that managed to escape the Control, including myself, hid out in the Rocky Mountains. There we built a fortress, and tried to help other survivors get to us. At first we had about 7,000 survivors, but that number decreased rapidly because of the raids. During the last raid many were killed, and I escaped only to be pursued persistently.

My legs were burning, my heart was pounding, freezing cold air ripped at my lungs as I frantically searched for an escape, but there was none. The Control had scorched the earth leaving it a desolate and barren landscape of dust. I could feel my legs starting to give out. In the back of my mind, I knew they were going to catch me, but I couldn’t give up, not yet. All hope was leaving my body as I felt myself beginning to slow down. Their yells and running footsteps were getting louder. I kept beating my feet against the ground.

A loud crack resounded around me. The earth beneath my feet gave way, and I fell into darkness. The earth closed above me, and blackness surrounded me. I could hear the frantic and confused shouts of my pursuers above me. Four hands grabbed me and dragged me deeper into the darkness.

Katie Wolter is a student at Rushford-Peterson High School. She is one of 8 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its thirteenth year.

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