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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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The working mom's son

Mon, Mar 5th, 2012
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While mom is making supper, I thought I’d take over her column this week to set the record straight about some of the stories she has been writing. For instance, she claims that I don’t always do my chores, which is absolutely not true (in my opinion). Also, I know my mom has shared with you way too many what I consider to be “embarrassing” stories about me and my dad. The stories about my dad, however, are true. Ha! It seems that most kids I know are embarrassed by their parents at some point and, since it’s my week to tell the stories, let me share a few of those with you about my mom and dad. My dad and I have a running joke where he acts like a rapper using hand and body actions, his hat on backwards, and walking with all the swag he can manage. Let’s just say he makes me laugh each time he does this, but I beg him to never, ever perform this in public and especially if I am around. Now mom on the other hand, she likes her ‘80s slang words and refuses to give them matter how much I beg her to. The phrase is “chillax” mom, not “chill.” And, to make sure I get my homework and chores done, she threatens to run out in the driveway in her pajamas and blow kisses when I get on the bus in the morning. Definitely works! Despite these embarrassing things, my mom and dad are pretty much perfect. My mom is almost, I feel, a professional cook but unfortunately, tries to get me to eat vegetables other than corn…that’s a BIG “no thanks,” but she keeps on trying. And my dad? Well, he always finds a way to make me laugh and shares my movie watching addiction. Now, I hear my mom talk about food a lot and I feel it’s time for me to introduce my favorite recipe of mom’s cooking menu. Although Mom doesn’t consider this a “real” recipe, it’s good enough for my cookbook.

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