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Badgersett Farm Annual Field Day - Saturday, August 21st; All Day

Fri, Aug 13th, 2010
Posted in Agriculture

Badgersett Research Farm, in SE Minnesota, is holding its 2010 Field Day on Aug. 21st.

Badgersett has been inventing and developing what many say is the most promising of new "alternative and sustainable" crops, for over 30 years - hybrid hazelnuts.

"Probably our biggest news this year is that we're changing what we do here on 'Farm #1'; says Philip Rutter, founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist. "We're now moving forward from the 'research farm' stage - to 'real world production farm.' That's huge."

Two of the biggest changes you can see this year are the addition of "farmer ready in-field cloning", where any farmer can now clone their own best plants to improve fields; and the beginnings of integrating animals with the whole-farm process. "We've been saying for years that 'the biggest problem we still need to address is - the grass.' " Rutter says. Hybrid hazel bushes grow in rows; and between the rows there's grass, or some other ground cover type crop. Over a ten year cycle, the amount of grass per row varies greatly, making companions like soybeans or hay difficult to manage. "Grazing seems like a good direction to try. This year you'll see horses, cattle, and poultry; all at the experimental stage, but already clearly useful; even for very large plantings. Some of our growers are working with sheep, and even alpacas, up north and into Ontario."

This is the biggest, oldest, and best hazelnut field day in the region!

Badgersett is proud to announce that following our 30 years of work to demonstrate that hybrid hazels can be bred to be cold proof, disease and pest resistant, and bear heavy crops across most of North America - the University of Nebraska, the U of Minnesota, the U of Wisconsin, Rutgers University, and even Oregon State U, are now at work on developing hybrid bush hazels as a crop. So, there are now several "hybrid hazelnut Field Days" to choose from, it you want to start learning about this crop.

If you want to see an acre or two of 4 to 8 year old plants, the others are fine; BUT - if you want to see 30-60 acres of hazel bushes, from 3 up to 30 years old- the ONLY place you can go is Badgersett Research Farm. We invented/created the crop; top to bottom, inside and out.

MN State Senator Sharon Erickson Ropes (Vice Chair, Ag Committee) will be in attendance. "Sharon has been following our work for at least 20 years." Rutter says; "She's got perspective we really treasure." Senator Ropes will be in attendance after 2 PM.

For exact details on tours and timing, visitors should check the Badgersett blog for updates.


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