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Curdlecod goes Asiatic

Sun, Jul 16th, 2000
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Chester and Cynthia Curdlecod are the local gourmets of Flabbergast County and one evening last week we were invited to their home for dinner. They take pride in their ability to prepare sumptuous meals from the local fish, fowl and fauna and avoid beef and pork when-ever possible.

The evening that we were there, I think that it was Thursday, we were served something that Chester called sushimi and sushi and when the two are combined results in something Chester calls maki-sushi. Sushimi is a sliced raw fish served with a garnish and dipping sauce. Chester uses local fish such as bullheads and carp and as a garnish, thinly sliced cantaloupe and watermelon rinds. For the dipping sauce, he combines ketchup, mustard, horseradish and soy sauce.

Chester explained that sushi is concocted from rice, vinegar, saki, salt and sugar. Since Chester didnt have any saki, he used beer. After the rice has been cooked and cooled to room temperature, it is formed into little rolls that are wrapped in seaweed. Since seaweed of quality is rather difficult to obtain in Flabbergast County, Chester uses pickled quackgrass which he says is almost the same thing.

Now the idea is to cut up the fish into small rounds or if you prefer, squares and wrap them up in the rice-quackgrass to form a sort of a small sandwich roll and using chopsticks, dip it into the sauce and scarf it down. Since Chester didnt have any chopsticks, we used Cynthias knitting needles.

All of these tidbits are washed down with a special tea that Chester serves in quart jars. Chester told me that the drink is made up of one part green tea and one part gin. He also said that since he makes his own gin, the cost of the entire meal is only about a buck and a half.

I found that a couple jars of the tea helped overcome any qualms that I may have had about the raw fish and pickled quack grass and as far as I can remember, the meal wasnt half as bad as I thought it might be. After dinner, as he was helping me out the door, he mentioned that his recipe is available on his website which is: curdlecodbullheadcarp.com

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