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Sams bath

Sun, Oct 15th, 2000
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Monday, September 18, 2000

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, a day that you might expect to enjoy in June rather than September. My dog, Sam and I took a walk through the woods while my wife was entertaining some of her friends out on the deck. She was going to have a luncheon for them out on the deck and told me and Sam to get lost for awhile. Just as we were coming out of the woods, Sam found something dead and got down and rolled in it. I should have mentioned that Sam is a rather large dog of uncertain parentage, possibly German Shepherd and Rottweiler, who likes to mingle with people.

After Sam had a good roll in whatever it was, he spotted my wife and her lady friends on the deck. With a big grin on his face, he bounded up on the deck and introduced himself. I got yelled at and told to get that dog out of here and give him a bath. I took Sam around to the front porch and sat down to give the matter some thought. Sam doesnt mind the rain and he doesnt mind being wet but Sam does not like his water mixed with soap or shampoo. In short, Sam does not like baths. Now if Sam does not mind being rained on, why wouldnt he enjoy a nice warm shower?

I poured myself a glass of beer and took Sam down to the basement into the laundry room where I changed into a pair of old overalls and took off my shoes and socks. I went over to the shower and pushed the sliding door back. I put a pail of soapy water in one corner of the shower and sat down on the little seat in the other corner. Sam came and laid down at my feet as he always does. I finished my beer and slowly closed the door. I very slowly turned on the water, got up and stood under the spray of water and called Sam to me. He came over and sat down and got thoroughly wet. Things were going as I had planned until I poured the pail of soapsuds on him. He started barking and jumping up and down. As I reached for him I slipped and punched the door open. Sam ran out and dashed up the stairs into the living room and I ran after him. Things are a bit blurred in my mind but I think that Sam started to shake the water and soap off, my wife opened the door from the deck to see what was happening, Sam ran out the door onto the deck knocking over a table, the lunch that was on it, shook some more soap and water on the ladies and took off for the garage. I stood there in the living room in my bare feet and wet coveralls trying to think of something to say.

They say that just before a tornado strikes, the air becomes still and there is a silence that is awesome. They say that when it is very still and quiet that it is time to take cover. I made a hasty retreat to the garage and Sam while my wife went out to the deck to see what could be done about the lunch and the ladies.

Sam and I walked down the road to get away for awhile. Have you ever walked down a gravelled road in your bare feet and wet coveralls with a wet dog? As I hobbled down the crushed rock, I wondered if I was too old to join the French Foreign Legion and did they take dogs?

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