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Journey back to childhood

Sun, Oct 22nd, 2000
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By David ParkerMonday, October 23, 2000

By now, everyone has probably heard of the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowlings. These books are classified as childrens books. Consequently, many older people who would enjoy reading them have shied away. This is unfortunate because the books are written so well.

There are four books in the series. They all revolve around a boy named Harry Potter. He lives an everyday life with his aunt and uncle. All that ends when he discovers that there is a whole new world which is inhabited by witches and wizards. He soon finds himself attending a school called Hogwarts. At Hogwarts, he has numerous exciting and dangerous adventures.

These books are full of action and adventure, but the choice of names that Rowlings uses is also quite entertaining. Some of names include: Dumbledore, the headmaster of the Hogwarts; Hermoine, one of Harrys best friends; Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy, Hogwarts notorious bullies and Harrys worst enemies; Hagrid, Harrys giant friend; and Voldermort, the dark lord wizard who haunts the minds of all those in the wizarding world. Just trying to figure out how to say them can lead to some laughs.

These characters and more experience giant dogs, talking snakes, trees with terrible tempers, pictures that move and talk, statues that sing, buildings with enchanted ceilings, and much much more. You can find yourself reading for hours, when it seems as if you just opened the book. These adventures and numerous puzzles keep the reader glued to the pages, and coming back for more.

Those who have read all four books may have come across just one thing they did not like. That is the fact that the last book in the series had a wonderful rising action, and a gripping climax, but it failed miserably in the end. Numerous questions remained after the book was finished. There are plans for Rowlings to write at least three more books in the series, so take heart that those questions will be answered.

Harry Potter has quickly become the most popular childrens title of this time. Those of you who do not consider yourselves children may just want to ignore the fact that they are "childrens books." They are worth taking a journey back to childhood.

David Parker is a senior at Kingsland High School in Spring Valley.

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