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The Easy Way Out

Sun, Dec 10th, 2000
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Here's a story for your entertainment. Say there's a girl and a boy who are both teenagers, we'll call them Britney and Billy-Bob. They have sex. They have sex a lot. In fact they have sex whenever they can. But one morning Britney wakes up with morning sickness. Plus, on top of that, she finds herself having cravings for odd combinations of foods in large quantities.

So she decides to see a doctor about the sudden changes she's been having. The doctor takes a few tests and comes back with the results that Britney and Billy-Bob had both feared. She was pregnant.

After long talks with their parents and with each other, Britney decides to have an abortion. So she goes to an abortion clinic and has the procedure done. In my perspective, Britney has just committed murder. I know that there are many people who feel the same I do, but there are many who disagree with me. But to those who disagree I ask, what's the difference between killing that unborn child or your mother or your own children. There is no difference because they're all human. But the unborn child never had a chance to live, grow, or learn, unlike the rest of us.

Let's look into the other options Britney and all expecting mothers have besides abortion. It's called adoption. She could have gave birth to the child and then let another family adopt the child. That way all three parties win. The mother doesn't have to deal with a child at that point in her life, the family who adopts receives a child whom they can love and care for, and the baby, of course, gets to live. But I just find no logic in abortion. All three parties lose in that situation. The mother could have terminal complications from her abortion and maybe never have any children again; the family who wanted to adopt will not get a child now and might never be able to be parents; and the baby of course dies.

There has been quite a bit of news about abortion in the news lately. Just a few months ago the FDA approved Mifepristone or RU-486, which is an abortion pill for women in the first seven weeks of pregnancy. What the pill does is block the hormone progesterone. That causes the lining of the uterus to shed which ultimately kills the embryo. Then there's Rae Carruth who's been accused of hiring a hitman to kill his pregnant girl friend who would not get an abortion. So it is not always the mother who wants an abortion.

While researching my article I found a fact that was very shocking. Nearly one-third of all American pregnancies now end in abortion. That means that one of three children that are expected to be born will not have a chance at life and will be helplessly murdered while still inside of their mothers.

Personally I believe abortion is comparable to a tumor. It's nasty and cannot be avoided. The best way to treat abortion is exactly like you should treat a tumor, remove it and be rid of it. I believe abortion should be considered a crime, on the same level as murder, which is what abortion basically is. Only in abortion, the victim has no voice and the guilty are never brought to trial.

I mean, take a minute and open up your Bible. What does the Sixth Commandment say? That's right, it says Thou Shalt Not Kill. Then I ask you what do you call aborting an unborn child? The brushing off of an inconvenience? No, abortion is plain and simply murder. But I believe if you have aborted (excuse me, murdered a child) you will probably not be judged in this lifetime, but you will after this lifetime is done.

You may ask yourself why I care about abortion. Well I could have easily been aborted. My mother would have been a single mother in a South Korean culture that does not look highly upon single women. But she chose the better choice and gave birth to me to give me up to adoption. Which worked out great for me because...well... I'm alive, which is a pretty good deal.

But abortion seems to be a sign of the times that we all live in. We have disposable silverware, disposable plates, and disposable diapers..... It's almost ironic that human lives are also disposable.

Andy Carlson

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