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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
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The Post-Holiday Blues

Sun, Dec 31st, 2000
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Monday, January 1, 2001

I like the holiday season. In fact, I love the holidays. You get to see all your relatives. There is always more food than you can eat. Christmas music is played everywhere: in town streets, at home, on the radio, and in stores. Presents are received and given on Christmas. Parties are thrown on New Years Eve. A special holiday feeling seems to fill the air. Its everywhere: at home, at school, in town, in the country, at stores, everywhere! People seem to be happier. There is really nothing to dislike about the holiday season.

But what happens after the holiday season? It seems that every year around January 1st, depression sets in. I dont think its just me either. I feel a little from everyone. That special holiday feeling becomes a very distant memory.

Ive put a lot of thought into why this happens, and Ive discovered a few things. First of all, there seems to be a mad rush on January 1st to make all remnants of Christmas and New Years disappear. Decorations for the house are stored in the deepest darkest closet with nowhere near the excitement you had taking them out. The street decorations are put away and schools become dull and drab again. Secondly, the music that seemed so jolly and bright cant be played again for 11 and three-fourths months. If you do play it, you are considered by most to need mental help, liking it doesnt cut it for an excuse. Thirdly, all that food that was so good is gone. No more. All thats left is a pleasant memory of cookies, turkey, and all kinds of sweets. And with a lot of people all that food isnt actually a pleasant memory. Its with you between your waist and chest for about three to four months. Finally, it doesnt matter what your New Years resolution is, you will break it by noon on the 1st of January.

Also, by a day or two after New Years, the whole family is gone. Even if you dont like some of your family, its sad to see them go for some reason. And if you do, its really tough. For the kids, school starts up again and they have the whole second half of the year to look forward to (or not).

Its no wonder that people dont seem as happy to see you after the holidays are over. Even if all these things dont get you down, its more than likely one of them will. Luckily that depressed feeling is only temporary. But anyway, dont worry; there are always birthdays, graduation parties, and weddings to look forward to. And before you know it, the holidays will be here again.

David Parker

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