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Notes from a Country Kitchen

Fri, Jun 22nd, 2001
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Annabelle Kvam June 25, 2001

My heart goes out to all those people that have flood problems and the poor farmers trying to get their hay up. Last week Wednesday four of us girls were going to Stewartville to pick up my sister and between Wykoff and Spring Valley it rained so hard all we had to see to drive was the outside white line on the pavement. I remember years ago when a terrible rain came and flooded around the brooder house, where our baby chicks were all outside. By the time the rain and storms were over dad was looking pretty sad as over half of the chicks were drowned. They thought they had an awful loss, but nothing compared to the loss of homes and crops lately. May the sun shine tomorrow.
. . . . .


Four ministers were riding home together after a conference on the importance of confession in the modern church. Their casual talk turned serious as they started putting what theyd learned into practice and confessing to each other. I must confess, the first minister said, that my great sin is greed. I really enjoy funerals because I know Ill be paid for them. The second minister said, My sin is gambling, I really enjoy taking chances, Im not such a big ecumenical man - I just enjoy the Catholics Bingo games. My sin is women, said the third. I enjoy looking at beautiful women. Id have to call it lust. The three clergymen continued to share more details until, they noticed the fourth minister hadnt said a word. What about you, Harry? they asked. Whats your big sin? Well, Harry replied, My sin is repeating gossip to others, and I cant wait to get home!

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A penny saved isnt a heck of a lot.

. . . . .

Most often, falling into sin is not a blowout, but a slow leak.

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The toughest stitch on a garment is that which affixes the price tag.

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Head Start
Others want to get ahead
On the job or on the track,
How come when I get to church
Theres no room in the back.

. . . . .

~Funny how we set our clocks to arise at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. to be at the job by 7:30, yet when Sunday comes we cant get to church for 11:00 a.m. to praise the one who gave us the jobs.

~ Funny how we call God our father and Jesus our brother, but find it hard to introduce them to our family.

~ Funny how so many church goers sing Standing on the Promises, but all they do is sit on the premises.
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Radio Shows of 1940
Truth or Consequences
Beat the Band
Captain Midnight
Gene Autrys Melody Ranch
Portia Faces Life
Crime Doctor
Can You Top This?
Ned Jordan, Secret Agent

Strawberry Marshmallow Pie

Scald 1 cup milk - add 20 or more marshmallows. When melted - cool. Then add 1 pint whipped cream or Cool-Whip. Add 1 qt. or so of sliced strawberries. Stir gently and pour in a already baked pie shell or graham cracker crust.
Cool over night, may decorate with crushed graham crackers or whole berries.
Thanks Eleanor, as this recipe came from Minneapolis.

Until next week, Annabelle

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