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One of a Kind

Fri, Jul 13th, 2001
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Monday, July 2, 2001

What this country needs today are strong, forthright and honest people in our government. What we really need are more men like Al Capone. When Al was around, people knew just where he stood. Whenever a problem arose, he took care of it. He didnt need to appoint some committee to investigate the situation for some possible wrong doing. Al believed in immediate action. If someone got out of line, Al would take him aside and show him the error of his ways and rehabilitate him.

Just look at what Al did for the city of Chicago. Not only did he remove a number of racketeers such as Dion OBanion, Hymey Weiss, and Bugs Moran, he established pension funds for Aldermen, Mayors, Judges and Congressmen out of his own pocket. He never cost the taxpayers a cent. As a matter of fact, Al didnt think much of taxes, especially income taxes.

Now suppose Al were the Secretary of State; I know how Al would handle the situation in the Mid-East. He would drop all of those sanctions in Iran and Iraq. Then he would invite Saddam Hussein and all interested parties to a lavish dinner and after dinner he would take them for a ride in the countryside. Then on his way home he would stop in Cuba for a courtesy call on Fidel Castro. Al had a knack for simple solutions to what, on the surface, seemed to be a complex problem.

If Al were asked to look into the energy crisis, he would take an interest in the oil companies and refineries. And the United States would soon be awash in gasoline and California would get all of the Juice that they could pay for.

Al had a talent for regulating just about anything. The Baby Boomers could rest easy and put their cares away if Al were given the chance to reform Social Security and Medicare. If the Boomers wished to put part of their Social Security funds into the private sector, Al would accommodate them. Al was very good with pension funds and when it comes to Medicare, Al knew how to get people into hospitals with little or no paper work and he would see to it that there would be no problems with their medications.

Well, Al is gone now and we will never see his kind again...What a pity.

John Flaherty

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