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Domestic violence: not just bruises and cuts

Fri, Oct 22nd, 2010
Posted in Health & Wellness

You met him at a local coffee shop, talked for a while, and then went out with him that weekend.

He did question your choice in outfit, but otherwise the first date was great.

The second date, third date, and so on were wonderful.

He tells you, you are wrong and stupid.

He swept you off your feet.

He is always there, you go no where alone.

Six weeks later when he asked you to marry him, you said yes.

He wanted the wedding right away, so you got married right away. He is always in control.

He is truly wonderful, your family and friends like him, and your girlfriends are envious that you found someone so great.

He doesn't really want you to see your family or friends anymore. You feel so isolated.

How can it get any better?

How can it get any worse?

Domestic violence is not just physical or sexual abuse, the abuse can manifest in many forms. Some forms of abuse include: isolation, intimidation, threats to children and pets, and much more. There are many faces of domestic violence. It is not just a crime of the poor; Domestic violence can happen in all cultures, all races, all economic backgrounds, and all types of couples.

•Irma is a senior citizen who has lived with an abusive husband for over 40 years. Fillmore Family Resources helped her to leave and live on her own for the first time in her life. She says that the stress she used to feel has diminished and her self confidence grows every day.

•Tina said, "I had nowhere to go, no money. I was afraid I'd have to go back and maybe this time he'd kill me." FFR encouraged Tina to join a support group and helped her relocate to a place of her own so that she wouldn't have to go back.

•Bill left his abusive girlfriend ,but her constant calling and texting frightened him. He was afraid that she would bully him into returning. FFR supported Bill in his desire to have no contact with her. FFR also assisted him in obtaining the car repairs he needed so that he could continue to work, thereby meeting his financial needs. With that help, Bill was given the extra support he needed to remain on his own and feel safe.

•Joy wanted to attend a court hearing four hours away. She believed her testimony was critical to protecting her two young step-children. FFR helped her to get there and supported her in court.

•Todd's three children were exposed to meth during parenting time with their mother. FFR facilitated Todd in reporting and having the children seen by a physician.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you care about is experiencing any form of domestic violence, please contact Fillmore Family Resources at 1-800-500-2316.

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