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4-H Juding Results for Fair Week

Tue, Jul 24th, 2001
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July 23, 2001 - July 28, 2001
Monday, July 24, 2001

• AEROSPACE Champion: Aaren Mathison – HHH Reserve: Alex Mensink – HHH
• BICYCLE Champion: Tiffany Wait - OD
• CHILD DEVELOPMENT Champion: Kathleen Lynch – AHF Reserve: Melissa Mathias – RR
• CITIZENSHIP Champion: Jill Frank – BC Reserve: Paisley Larson – FDM
• CLOTHING – CONSTRUCTED Champion: Stephanie Hebrink – CW Reserve: Kristi Thompson – RRR
• CLOTHING – PURCHASED Champion: Kenzie Halverson – NGG Reserve: Brittany O’Connor – CB
• CLUB HISTORY Champion: Fillmore Do Mores Reserve: Bloomfield Cloverleaves
• COMMUNITY PRIDE Champion: Challenging Workers Reserve: Bloomfield Cloverleaves
• COMPUTER Champion: Adam Drinkall – AHF Reserve: Justin Brown – AHF
• CORN Champion: Jill Frank – BC
• CREATIVE ARTS – ARTS AND CRAFTS Champion: Jenna Sveen – LL Reserve: Kenzie Halverson – NGG
• CREATIVE ARTS – ORIGINAL ART Champion: Trisha Bradley - LL Reserve: Mariah Ciangiola – AHF
• CONSUMER EDUCATION Champion: Mathew Kaster – FDM
• EXPLORING ANIMALS Champion: Derek Mulhern – CW Reserve: Stephanie Pfremmer - HHH
• EXPLORING THE ENVIRONMENT Champion: Matthew Halverson-NGG Reserve: Jana Olson – AHF
• FISHING SPORTS Champion: Bradley Vrieze – RRR Reserve: Matthew Halverson-NGG
• FLOWER ARRANGEMENT Champion: T.J. Thompson – RRR Reserve: Grace DeVries – HHH
• FLOWER GARDENING Champion: Mark Lacey – FE Reserve: Margaret Glady - CW
• FOOD AND NUTRITION Champion: Grace DeVries – HHH Reserve: Margaret Glady – CW
• FOOD PRESERVATION Champion: Amber Hazel – AHF Reserve: Ellen Grabau – CW
• FOREST RESOURCES Champion: Matthew Halverson-NGG Reserve: John Cavanaugh – BC
• FRUIT Champion: Sophia Gossman – RRR Reserve: Sophia Gossman – RRR
• GEOLOGY Champion: Jane Pettit – NGG Reserve: Meredith Ruen – LL
• GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Champion: Kathleen Glady – CW Reserve: Tiffany Wait – OD
• HEALTH Champion: Travis Krahn – CW Reserve: Jacole Drinkall – BC
• HOME ENVIRONMENT Champion: Morgan Zimmer – CW Reserve: Brittany Olson – AHF
• INDOOR GARDENING Champion: Nathan Bakke – LL Reserve: Denise Jacobson – NGG
• NEEDLE ARTS Champion: Julia LaFleur – NGG Reserve: Grace DeVries – HHH
• PERFORMING ARTS Champion: Casey Sautter – LL Reserve: Robin Sautter - LL
• PHOTOGRAPHY Champion: Mariah Ciangiola – AHF Reserve: Tessa Alexander – CC
• PLANT AND SOIL SCIENCE Champion: Margaret Glady – CW Reserve: Sarah Gossman - RRR
• POTATOES Champion: Adam Ortner – HHH Reserve: Mark Lacey – FE
• SAFETY Champion: Christina Hirsch – MBB Reserve: Jenna Hareldson – CC
• SELF DETERMINED Champion: Jill Frank – BC Reserve: Matthew Halverson-NGG
• SHOOTING SPORTS Champion: Aaron Nash – CW Reserve: John Cavanaugh – BC
• SMALL ENGINES Champion: T.J. Thompson – RRR Reserve: Ben Goldsmith – RRR
• SMALL GRAIN Champion: Jill Frank – BC
• SHOP Champion: Tyler Benson – NGG Reserve: Justin Lee – OD
• TRACTOR Champion: Justin Brown –AHF
• VEGETABLE GARDENING Champion: Mariah Ciangiola – AHF Reserve: Phillip LaFleur – NGG
• VETERINARY SCIENCE Champion: Casey Sautter – LL Reserve: Trent Krahn – CW
• VIDEO Champion: Nicole Brown - AHF
• WATER/WETLANDS Champion: Casey Sautter – LL Reserve: Andrew Ruen – LL
• WILDLIFE/BIOLOGY Champion: Mariah Ciangiola –AHF Reserve: Matthew Halverson -NGG
• YOUTH LEADERSHIP Champion: T.J. Thompson – RRR Reserve: Christina Hirsch – MBB

• PET Champion Junior: Robin Sautter – LL Reserve Junior: James Ness – FE Champion Intermediate: Casey Sautter – LL Reserve Intermediate: Heather Rasmussen – PP Champion Senior: Jessie Rasmussen – PP

• CAT Champion Junior: Robin Sautter – LL Reserve Junior: Katherine Sveen – LL Champion Intermedate: Casey Sautter – LL Reserve Intermediate: Jenna Sveen – LL Champion Senior: Julia LaFleur – NGG Reserve Senior: Joshua Brumm - PP

Tuesday, July 25, 2001

Poultry Show Results
• Champion Market Pen: Justin Brown, Arendahl Hi Flyers
• Reserve Market Pen: Matt Hovey, Carimona Cruisers

• Champion Non Market Pen: Tom Moen, Arendahl Hi Flyers
• Reserve Market Pen: Ryker Bergo, Arendahl Hi Flyers

• Champion Waterfowl: Randee Hebig, Family Enrollment
• Reserve Waterfowl: Ray Hebig, Family Enrollment

• Champion Jr. Showmanship: Amber Conlan, Lanesboro Livewires
• Reserve Jr. Showmanship: Jacob Kappers, Root River Rabbits

• Champion Sr. Showmanship: John Cavangaugh, Bloomfield Cloverleaves
• Reserve Sr. Showmanship: Matt Hovey, Carimona Cruisers

Horse Results
• Champion Horse Training: Rose McClimon, Family Enrollment
• Reserve Horse Training: Fiona McClimon, Family Enrollment

• Champion Showmanship at Halter: Brittany Hanson, Root River Rabbits
• Reserve Showmanship at Halter: Bryce Niemeyer, Root River Rabbits

• Champion Western Horsemanship: Bryce Niemeyer, Root River Rabbits
• Reserve Western Horsemanship: Julia LaFleur, Norway Go Getters

• Champion Western Pleasure: EmmyLou Winslow, Family Enrollment
• Reserve Western Pleasure: Julia LaFleur, Norway Go Getters

• Champion English Equitation: Julia LaFleur, Norway Go Getters
• Reserve English Equitation: EmmyLou Winslow, Family Enrollment

• Champion English Pleasure: Julia LaFleur, Norway Go Getters
• Reserve English Pleasure: EmmyLou Winslow, Family Enrollment


Childs Flower Arrangement -Katie Sveen, Preston, MN
Adult Flower Arrangement Grand Champion over all-Dorothy Rath, Chatfield, MN
Flower Speciman and Reserve Champion - Sally Jeske, Wykoff, MN
Potted Plants-Marcy Hanson, Lanesboro, MN
Collection of Foliage Shrubs- Betty Johnson, Chatfield, MN
Dried Material-Eunice Thompson, Wykoff, MN

Grand Champion- Noah Hamann, Preston, MN- Acrylic
Resrve Champion- Pearl Finseth, Fountain, MN-Oil
Elementary 1Champion - Camilla Rasmassen, Chatfield, MN-Magic Marker
Elementary 2 Champion - Levon Scheevel -Woodworking
Photography-Best of Show-Donna Landswerk

Kids 14 and under
Grand Champion- Katie DeVries, Chester,IA - Yeast Bread
Champion-Shaelyn Hareldson, Fountain, MN- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Reserve Champion-Kaylie Hareldson, Fountain, MN- Cupcakes
Adult Baking
Grand Champion- Sue Nash, Wykoff, Mn-dinner rolls
Champion-LuAnn Hoff, Preston, MN-plain dounuts
Reserve Champion- Denise Pagel, Chatfield Mn - Decorated Cupcakes

Grand Champion- Grace Rodgers, Chatfield, MN-Canned peaches
Champion- Esther Clark, Dover, MN- Red raspberry jelly
Reserve Champion- Ruth Eickoff, Wykoff, Mn- Green Beans

Golden Age
Grand Champion-Edrie Severson, Preston, Mn- Hardanger
Reserve Grand Champion-Shirly Bornfleith, Fountian, MN- Quilt
Champion-Edrie Severson, Preston,MN-Afghan
Champion-Muriel Durst, Preston, MN - Afghan

Children Under 18
Grand Champion-Nathan Riechman, Chatfield, MN- Counted Cross Stitch
Reserve Grand Champion-Camilla Rasmusen, Chatfield, MN- Tie-dyed tee shirt
Champion-Nathan Riechman, Chatfield,MN-Christmas ornaments
Champion-Kamara Kramer, Fountain,MN-Hairpin lace

Grand Champion-Ann Sparks, Preston, MN-Quilt
Reserve Grand Champion-Jeanette Fortier, Chatfield, MN-Hardanger
Champion-Dorothy Rath, Chatfield, MN-Stuffed Bear
Champion-Eloise Hoff, Preston,MN- Knitted Norwiegn Doll
Champion-Marlyn Bartager, Preston, MN-

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