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Sam goes to the show

Fri, Jul 27th, 2001
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Monday, July 30, 2001

There was a Dog Show held at the county fairgrounds recently and I thought that it might be fun if I entered Sam. Sam likes attention and I was fairly certain that Sam would make a good showing at the First Annual Dog Show of Flabbergast County. When I told my wife that I was going to put Sam in the show. She didnt think much of the idea. She asked me if I knew just what I was letting myself in for. She told me that Sam was in need of grooming, that he hadnt had a bath since the last one I gave him in the basement shower and that if I placed any value on my peace of mind, that disaster would never repeat itself.

There is a lady down the road from us who does pet grooming and when I called to make an appointment, she said that she was sorry but she wasnt equipped to handle the likes of Sam and that as far as she could ascertain, nobody else was either. I solved that dilemma by taking Sam to a farrier and had his nails filed. Then I took him to a carwash for his bath. We did have a spot of trouble in the carwash when Sam thought that he was in a public restroom but things got quieted down with a check and a promise never to come back again.

The First Annual Dog Show of Flabbergast County was held out at the county fair grounds in a large barn which as it turned out, was not quite large enough. Sam was never in better form as he pranced in to the barn and he never intended to step on some ladys Pekingese. I believe that I have mentioned how fond of people Sam is and when Sam jumped up to apologize, the lady apparently lost her balance and fell down. When we were able to get her back up on her feet, she gathered up the Pekingese and stormed out of the barn while commenting on the percentage of certain dog owners and their dogs.

I thought that, considering the circumstances, we were off to a pretty good start and I was about to lead Sam into the ring when some ill mannered Doberman got in Sams way. Now, Sam is not what some people might call an aggressive dog. It is true that at times he is somewhat over-friendly and enthusiastic, but when it comes to certain ill mannered Dobermans, Sam will take just about so much before he takes them aside and teaches them some manners. That would have been the end of the affair if a couple of self-righteous mutts hadnt tried to intervene. If its one thing that Sam will not tolerate, its the meddling of dogs in his affairs. When Sam turned his attention to those two, they realized the error of their ways and made a dash for the door and in their flight caused a number of dogs to become excited. A few tables and chairs were tipped over and one of the judges became hysterical and had to be restrained.

Sam and I crawled over to a corner and got under one of the few remaining upright tables. What we witnessed was something right out of an old Western movie -- a bar-room brawl with dogs instead of cowboys in white or black hats. While I could see that Sam was having the time of his life, I could also see that this particular Dog Show was never going to get off the ground. I was able to convince Sam, that since these dog owners couldnt control their unruly mutts, it might be the wise thing for us to leave the scene and let these people straighten out their mess as best they could. Now, I think that its just a shame that just a few unruly mutts were allowed to ruin the social event of the year. Although Sam had a good time, I was disappointed that he didnt get a chance to show off his stuff. Perhaps he will have his chance in next years show. If they decide to try another one.

John Flaherty

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